What's in my bag?

Today I thought I'd do a 'What's in my bag post' as I've recently started using one bag pretty much all the time so I have plenty of things in there to share with you. The bag I've been using is a black 'Prada' bad which I bought at an African market when on my holiday. I love this bag as it's the perfect size and it goes with everything.

The plastic bag in the top left corner of the bottom left picture, had a card and some chocolates in which I had in there, ready to drop off at my driving instructor's house to say thank you (they've been dropped off now).

Top left: I always keep my camera in my bag in case I see anything worth taking a picture of, and you never know when you'll want to capture a memory.

Top right: I always keep a pen in there- you never know when you're going to need to write something down. I've also recently started keeping a stylus in there, I'm not too sure why, I just think it could come in handy.

Bottom left: I keep the 'so...? in love' body spray in my bag so that I always have something to freshen myself up with throughout the day. I'm actually not the biggest fan of this scent, I only picked it up when I was going straight out for the evening and I wanted to get something to feel nice and fresh after being out all day. It has grown on me a little bit, and it's very useful to have.

Bottom right: This umbrella is one that I got for Christmas from my grandma, I usually keep it in my car just in case it rains while I'm out, but on the day I made this post, it had been a very unpredictable day for the weather, with showers on and off through out the day, so I decided to keep it in my bag instead.

Top left: I bought this purse sometime last year from New look for about £6.99 I think, and its really useful because of its good size and neutral colours which go with my bag and most outfits. It has plenty of room for cards, coins and notes, not that I often have notes in there! (I spend money too quickly)

Top right: You never know when you're going to need grips, so these are always handy to keep in your bag, likewise with tissues. I always keep chewing gum in my bag too, my favourite is Extra Coolbreeze which I always buy and always keep in my bag, my pockets and my drawers etc.

Bottom left: I never go anywhere without my headphones. As you can see, the ones I use are the old apple headphones- I don't like the new ones... they're too uncomfortable in my ears.

Bottom right: I always keep a lip balm in there, usually the cherry one shown in the picture which I buy three of for a pound from poundland, I also like having the J2O Apple and Raspberry lip balm because it tastes and smells delicious and leaves my lips a pinky/purpley colour, which is good for when I want a bit of colour on my lips without using lipstick or lipgloss. I also had the ruby red lip crayon in there as I'd been using that on the day of writing this post, it's not a particular brand, I got it free in a magazine, but I prefer having this to a red lipstick, as it's easier to apply and maintain. Lastly for lip products, I have my flutter pink lipgloss which I got ages ago for a birthday or Christmas (I can't remember which) but I love this make of lipglosses (I got three in a set) as they look great, they are easy to apply and they last a while.

This could probably have a blog post to itself, but I also keep a little toiletries (sort of) bag in my handbag. The bag was another thing I got free in a magazine, but it's the perfect size for what I need and it looks really cute.

Left: I keep a little purse in there with sanitary products, just in case I or anyone else ever needs one.

Middle: More lip products! Another flutter lip gloss which as you can see is very tattered now and is running very low, but I still love this product and love this shade. I also keep my baby lips lip balm in there as an alternative choice for lip balm flavour and appearance.

Right: Hand sanitiser from poundland, another product that you never know when you're going to need it, and something you can always benefit from having. I also keep a hand cream in there, another product I got from poundland, but it smells incredible and feels lovely on my hands.

I don't keep much make up in there but I have a concealer from MUA (superdrug brand), which I keep in there just in case I need to top it up or cover up a blemish. The eyeliner from No.17 is also a very useful sized product to keep in my bag to top up, if I ever need to. The Makeover Essentials travel kit is the ideal size for keeping in my bag, and it contains lipglosses and eyeshadows, which is useful if I'm out and want to top up any make up.

Top left: Toothpaste may seem like an odd thing to keep in my bag, but I once ended up staying at a hotel unexpectedly and had nothing with me- no pyjamas, no fresh clothes, no toiletries, nothing, so now I like to stay prepared and keep somethings in there in case of an emergency (I could probably do with a mini toothbrush as well).

Top right: Another couple of products that are useful to keep with you in case you ever need them. Plasters and paracetamol- useful for both myself and the people I'm with who often ask me for one of the two.

Bottom left: A mirror is another product I find useful to keep in my bag, and this one is an ideal size, and it has two mirrors when you unfold it which makes it even better. I keep a nail file in there for any nail emergencies- it's come in very handy when I've caught my nail and need to file it down to avoid catching it on clothing or anything and to avoid making it break even more. I don't really know why I have a makeup sponge in there but I guess you never know when it may be needed.

Bottom right: Like I mentioned before about being prepared in the case of an emergency; I have a little bar of soap. I keep bobbles in there in case I ever have my hair down and change my mind later on, or a bobble snaps etc. The Ted Baker Butterfly Wings body spray smells incredible- I definitely want to get some more, and it's the perfect size for keeping in my bag, another product useful for freshening up.

Of course, I also keep my phone in my bag, I have a Nokia Lumia and an iPhone which I use as an iPod since mine broke, and my mum let me use her old one instead. Both cases are from amazon.

I hope you've enjoyed this post.

Love, Steph x

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