10 Fashion Questions Tag

1. I love to shop for my clothes at (name three stores)...
New Look, Primark and Quiz

2. Store you like to visit but don't usually buy from?
H&M; I do occasionally buy stuff from the, but I often go in when there's nothing I particularly want to buy, or when i want to buy things but don't have much money to.

3. Last accessory you bought?
A black and gold watch which I sadly lost before I even got to wear it :( it wasn't very expensive though luckily.

4. Do you own something you've never worn? What?
I don't think so, I tend to wear things pretty much as soon as I've bought them unless it's for something in particular

5. I put a lot of thought into what I wear, throw my clothes on quickly or just like to be comfortable?
A mix of all three depending on what I'm doing that day, how much time I have and what mood I'm in but I usually like to wear something I've put thought into but is very comfortable.

6. My closet is mostly full of?
Bright-ish colours.

7. The most comfortable item of clothing I own is...?
Leggings; I could easily sleep in them they are that comfortable, although more recently I'd say some printed joggers which are nice and baggy, stylish and unbelievably comfortable!

8. What hat would you never, ever wear?
A flat cap.

9. What's you style?
I'd say it's quite feminine, I don't really know how else to describe it.

10. Style icon?
I've mentioned this a couple of times before but it has to be Taylor Swift... I love her style.

Thank you for reading my answers to this tag, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know your style icon in the comments.

 Love, Steph x

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