November Favourites 2015

Welcome back to my blog, today I have my November Favourites. This month there have been quite a few things I've loved, many of which I featured in my last haul or in other recent posts.

Beauty and Fashion:

L'Oreal Superstar Superliner- I mentioned my newly found love for this product in my Autumn Beauty Haul (here) but to summarise, it is unbelievably easy to use and creates a bold black line which can be built up to create either a thin or thick line, making it ideal for a cat eye flick.
Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil: 210 Keep It Classy- I also expressed my love for this product in my haul. These lip pencils are very long lasting and can be used as a pencil outline or used to fill in the lips completely. This colour in particular is a sort of berry shade with a slight pinky tone to it which makes it perfect for this time of year.
Zoella Awesome Drawersome- Some of my lovely friends bought me this for my birthday and I am in love with it. The products inside are gorgeous- not that I'd expect anything less from Zoella- and they smell incredible. The drawers themselves are really cute and pretty and now have their well earned place in my dressing room, containing my make up, which makes doing my make up in a morning a lot easier.
Arbonne Daily Cleanser- Another product I mentioned in my last haul; I have found this product a great improvement to my skincare routine as it makes removing my makeup a lot more gentle and kind to my skin and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean after each use.
Revolution Blush Palette Golden Sugar- This palette is stunning both in the palette and on the cheeks, a combination of the shades helps to create a lovely glow with hints of contour shading and plenty of shimmery highlight.
Radley Purse- The purse I received for my birthday is another of my new loves. Every time I get it out of my bag (more than I should do) my love for it is rekindled. The pattern and colour are gorgeous and it's the perfect size.
Radley Handbag- Linking to the purse, I have also been loving my Radley Handbag which is an ideal size for my essentials without being too big that I subconsciously feel the need to fill it with every random thing I find.
Black Bag- I have also loved using this other black bag from one of my friends and have been using this interchangeably with my Radley bag. Again, it's an ideal size and is easy to wear with anything.
 Black Boots- I bought some new black boots last month and since then, I have worn very little else. They are perfect for this time of year and keep my feet nice and toastie whilst looking lovely at the same time.


Focus by Ariana Grande- The latest single by Ariana Grande is another massive hit in my opinion! I have been listening to it an awful lot this past month and find myself unable to do anything but move along to the rhythm and sing a long to the words every time it comes on.
Over and Over Again by Nathan Sykes- This beautiful song wasn't available to buy until a week ago but I've been listening to it on YouTube and enjoying the music video pretty much all month. The song itself is stunning; incredible vocals and beautiful lyrics but the music video is something else. I have watched it so many times and still cry every time.
Get Weird by Little Mix- Little Mix also dropped their new album this month and I have been obsessed with it! There isn't a single song I don't like on the album but my favourites have to be Love Me Or Leave Me, Clued Up and Secret Love Song Part 2. I have listened to these a ridiculous number of times and still love to belt them out every time my ears are graced with their beauty.
An Audience With Union J- Of course this had to go in my favourites! I won't go into detail about this as I did a whole post on it, so if you missed that and want to know more about the event, you can find it here.
I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here- If you've seen any of this series or have seen which celebrities are in there, you probably won't be surprised to see this TV show in my favourites. I always love I'm A Celeb but have particularly enjoyed it this year because it has some awesome people on. Obviously George Shelley is my favourite in there but I am also really enjoying watching Jorgie, Vicky and Brian and have become very fond of them. I can't stand Lady C and find myself frequently getting worked up by her selfish and often plain idiotic comments and actions and more recently have taken a huge disliking to Chris based on a few sexist comments he made but the rest of the show is brilliant! Ant and Dec also help make the show incredible (of course!) with their brilliant comments that never fail to make me laugh.


Primark Throw- I bought this last month but have found it particularly lovely this month as it's gotten a lot colder. It was £5 but is incredibly soft and warm and has basically gone everywhere around the house with me. The one I have is also very festive as it's white with silver snowflakes on; you may have seen it in the background of some of my recent photos.
Candles- I have too many candle favourites to pick out a particular one for this month's favourites but I've basically been loving all of the ones I got for my birthday (post here). They all smell amazing and make my room feel a lot cosier and a much nicer environment when I'm working.
Group chat- This is a very random favourite but it is my group chat with my friends which constantly seems to have amusing, random conversations that probably make no sense to anybody else but is highly entertaining to be a part of. The people in it are also some of the best and funniest people, so of course that helps.
Friends- Linking to the group chat, I want to put my friends in my favourites. They could easily feature in any monthly favourite but in a bonus post last Wednesday (here), I talked a bit about them and the positive place I am in regarding friendships so I felt it was only right to give them a place in this month's favourites.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it. What have been your favourites this month?

Love, Steph x

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The Best Friend Tag 2

A while ago, I uploaded The Best Friend Tag with George (here) and as it was a lot of fun to do, I wanted to do another one with different questions and with one of my other best friend's, Jess. I decided to set it out like last time, with each of us having a different colour so that it's easy to see who said what and so it can be more like a conversation than a straight forward answer.

When Jess is speaking/answering
When Steph is speaking/answering
When both of us are speaking/answering

Just to be clear, when Jess is answering, she is answering for me or what she thinks my answer to the question will be and vice versa, apart from when it's a joint question such as the first one when we just answer the question together.

How and when did you meet?
Our parents were friends so we met when Jess was born because she is three years younger.

Favourite memory?
We were doing the Colour Obstacle Run in Sheffield and on one of the obstacles we had to run and jump over inflatable barriers and then roll down the other side so after a past obstacle when I kicked Jess in the head, we decided to try and avoid this happening again by having both our heads the same way. When we rolled down one of them we got our heads stuck and locked together so we just slid down the side laughing our heads off.

Describe each other in one word.
Bonkers but in a good way.
Lovable however you are also really short tempered- you're so easy to wind up. I'm short tempered with certain people; I put up with stuff for a while but when I'm done with someone or something I don't just put up with it but I do get easily irritated by certain things or people.

One thing that annoys you about the other person?
Your worrying- especially about being on time
The amount of times you apologise

One thing you love about the other person?
Your laugh
Your randomness

If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be?
Australia because I think you would appreciate the accent almost as much as I would yeah.. and the overall lifestyle... or New York because I can imagine us living in a flat together; you as a journalist and me as a doctor

Favourite inside joke?
Any innuendo.

Who takes longer to get ready in a morning?
I think it would be me. Yep.

What's the other person's eye colour?
Blue (both of us have the same eye colour)

What is the name of your best friend's celebrity crush?
Yours is obviously George Shelley every day of the week. I have three...
I would say James McVey but you haven't mentioned him for a while so... Paul Walker, is the next one from a Bond film? Yeah. Daniel Craig and I have no idea for the last one... is it do with Lord Of The Rings? Yes. I don't know then. Orlando Bloom

What is your best friend's biggest fear?
Feet, burns or lifts? You are close with one of them because it would be fire but fire and burns kind of fit into one. 
Is yours failure? Sort of, it's not living up to people's expectations.

What five films does your best friend love the most?
The Proposal, Wild Child, The Hannah Montana Movie, Bride Wars and The Hunger Games.Yes but three others are on parr with them as well, it's interchangeable: Pitch Perfect, Mean Girls? No. The Duff? No. I don't know... The Last Song and 22 Jump Street.
Skyfall, Marvel? No because I can't choose just one of them, they're all so good!! The Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit... Have we discussed it? Sort of. Is it to do with space? No. Guardians Of The Galaxy? Nope, that comes under Marvel. (editing this post now, I realise that Guardians of the Galaxy is to do with space but I had meant Star Wars or Star Trek which we discussed before moving one) Do you want me to tell you? Yes. Fast and Furious and The Bourne Trilogy.

How would you describe your partner's ideal partner/spouse?
Tall. I think we can both agree on that one given the fact that we are 5ft10 and 11. I'd have to say tall, dark and handsome. I feel like you'd only go for someone whose really organised and... adorable.
I don't know, I don't really have an 'ideal' in terms of appearance other than tall but I'd say sense of humour is very important as well as trustworthy.
For you, tall obviously! Athletic, funny, blonde.

What is your best friend's dream job?

If you were out together, what would your best friend eat?
I feel like you would be pasta or pizza. In the past it would have been pizza but it's definitely pasta now- I've gone of pizza a lot this year.
I'd say burger for you. Yeah a burger or ribs... something meaty.

If your best friend was to wear a shirt/blouse or tee, which would it be?
I feel like yours would be a really nice t-shirt- not a standard t-shirt, a really nice one.
I think I would go for shirt because I often see you in them or hear you mention them but you I also see you in a t-shirt which has relation to a film or programme or something, like the Marvel one.

What are the three items your best friend always carries with them?
Phone, Purse...? No that's not one of the things because I never have any money, I don't feel the need for a purse. I have no idea... lip salve? No. Headphones. Yes. A bobble? No, my hair's usually up anyway. I have no idea... Keys.
Yours would be phone, lip salve and car keys.

Would your best friend watch a chick flick, action, comedy or horror film?
I think you would be action. Yes.
Mainly chick flick but maybe a comedy. Yeah but then there are times when I fancy watching a horror film as well. Although I only really watch horror films with George so I'd watch a horror programme instead of a horror film if I fancy horror and I'm on my own.

What's your best friend's lock screen?
I would say yours is either you and Runa or you, me, Grace and George at your party. It's me, you and George.
I don't know if yours is a picture or a quote or something from a movie because I know it was in the past. I'm gonna guess and say something to do with a film? No, it's you, me and Grace.

What is your best friend really bad at?

What concerts has your best friend been to?
An Audience With Union J, The Vamps and JLS. Ah you did remember, Very well done.
You're turn! The Vamps and Union J, The Wanted, McBusted, 5 Seconds Of Summer, An Audience With Union J, The Wanted (again), Union J at a festival but I don't know the festival, Did you see them on the X Factor tour? No but I went to the X Factor a different year so I'll give you that one. Is one a female act? Yes. The Saturdays? No. Have Little Mix toured already? Yes but I haven't seen them at their own tour yet. I have no idea...
The first I ever went to see were The Sugababes and then there's Big Gig, Alton Towers Live which is when I saw Union J at the festival type thing, Olly Murs, Union J's first tour and JLS.

How many children does your best friend want and what will be their names?
I think you'll want one boy and one girl and names... something like Sophie and Luke, not cause of Hemmings. I would like a boy and a girl ideally but either two or three in total and I'd quite like to adopt one if I had three. I like the name Anthony James for a boy and Halaana for a girl (silent H).
I think you'd want two but I have no idea for the names. I'd like two boys and a girl called James or Jake and Luke and Charlotte.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and learning a bit more about Jess and I. Hopefully you found it fairly easy to read and thought the structure was appropriate.

Love, Steph x

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Young Adult/Teen Party Games

Not long ago, I celebrated my 18th and had some of my friends over for a Halloween Gathering. In the build up to it, I'd searched the internet for some age appropriate games but got very little back, so for anybody else that is in this boat, particularly as we head into the party season, I thought I'd share some of the games I came up with, inspired by the ones I did come across.

Drink Pass The Parcel
As the title suggests, this one is a game for the over 18s if you are in the UK, if not then it differs depending on whereabouts you are in the world. I'm sure you're all aware of the regular pass the parcel rules- pass a parcel around a circle and when the music stops, the person who it stops on unwraps the next layer before passing it on, which continues until the last 'prize' layer and whoever it stops on, wins the prize. I've seen a number of different ways of playing this game (yes it is normally for children) which includes sweets in each of the layers, forfeits in each layer or just empty until the prize but there are plenty of other options too. However, as it was my 18th birthday, I wanted to create a sort of drinking game. I kept most of the rules the same but in each layer (I had 18 in total), there was a shot test tube so that whoever the music stopped on had to unwrap the layer and drink the shot. I played this game with a few people that either couldn't or didn't want to drink which was still fine, instead they had to nominate somebody else to drink it if it landed on them. I thought this was a quite a different alternative of a children's game and is one I would definitely play again. The test tubes we used weren't that strong as they were only 0.3 units but you can use whatever strength you want. If you do decide to play this game for any events in the future, please make sure you're responsible about it and that you do drink responsibly.

If you are interested in playing this game and want to know where you could get test tube shots, these were the ones I ordered (x), which I think were reasonably priced for the number you get.

Mad Lib Challenge
This one was inspired by Alfie, Marcus and Jim (video here). I searched the internet for a Halloween mad lib story which were pretty much all aimed at children however, they seemed to work well anyway. You can do this for a number of different themes- whatever suits your event or you can create on of your own by finding a passage and taking out a rangeof words. Once I had my story, I split the group in two and gave them each a sheet with a list of the types of words they had to come up with such as, name, verb, noun etcetera. They then had two minutes to come up with all of the words. At the end of the two minutes, I read out the story, pausing at each gap for the first team to fill them in. I then repeated it with the second team and then selected a winner based on which story I found funniest. This game was very simple and another adaption of a children's game but it provided some very funny moments.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that some of you have found it useful for any upcoming events you might have. If you have any young adult games that you recommend, leave me a comment as I'm always happy to hear new ideas.

Love, Steph x

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Contemplating Friendships

I decided to put this post up early and upload a different one at the weekend because I think it might be useful for a couple of my friends to read today...

Throughout my life, I've had a number of negative friendships which looking back on, I spent far too much time putting up with them. They weren't horrible but they were negative for different reasons. One significant one was within a friendship group whereby I could be comfortable and happy spending time with individuals but as a group, I spent a lot of time feeling awful. Their sense of humour and characteristics were to put other people down through jokes or comments which weren't meant to be nasty but felt that way to me and I think this particular friendship made me more bitter or sharp with other people as well which wasn't the kind of person I wanted a friendship to make me. There were a lot of comments made towards me that although they were made in jest, they affected me a lot and made me feel so much worse about myself but fortunately, I've not been a part of this friendship group for a couple of years now.

Another toxic friendship was one which lasted many years- so much longer than it should have done. It was very one sided, with me being there for them through pretty much everything and then not having the same returned. I wasted so many years being there for them, ready to listen and help through everything I could and then when they no longer needed me, they'd drop me for somebody else and would barely talk to me until they needed me again and this continued for many years. More recently, they'd cut me off from conversations and situations where they could, I don't know if that was intentional or not but it still made me feel quite down a lot, to the point where I couldn't be in their presence or hear their name without feeling either sad or angry, which made simple things difficult as I unfortunately had to see them quite a bit. At times, they could be very pleasant towards me and we could have quite an enjoyable time but for the most part I hated being a part of that friendship but I didn't want to cause an argument so I just put up with it. Recently, I was able to put the friendship to bed and move on for good which was quite sad to think about but was definitely the right move and has made me feel a lot more free and a lot happier with my current friendships.

Which brings me to now. After experiencing the above friendships as well as a few other toxic ones, I've reached the point where I'm surrounded by some of the best friends. I can honestly say there isn't one person I regret being friends with at the moment or that causes me to feel negative which is a relatively new experience for me. Whilst there are a lot of areas in my life that could do with being improved, I don't feel like my friendships are one of those things. I have a group of people I enjoy spending time with and can spend hours laughing with, people I can turn to and that I trust. The only negative thing about it is that it's come at a time so close to when we'll all be separating ways for university or whatever else we decide to do but I sincerely hope these friendships continue.

So to any of my friends reading this, I love you all lots and want to thank you for being so amazing!!! Also, thank you for cheering me up so much more than you realise by making a negative day have some really positive aspects. I'm also sorry if I ever seem like I'm pushing you away, I never mean to, I'm just not good at talking and keep things to myself instead which means I start to isolate myself and put a bit of a guard up. It doesn't mean I don't want to talk to you, it just means I'm finding it more difficult to do so at that time. I want you all to know how much you mean to me and what amazing people you are.

Thank you for reading this rambly post, I hope you've found it interesting or even relatable to your own lives.

Love, Steph x

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Would You Rather Tag 2

Would You Rather...
1. Walk around all day with your skirt tucked into your underwear or be seen wearing a really see through dress?
A tough opening question but I'd say my skirt tucked in as although I'd be extremely embarrassed, I'd be less embarrassed than if what I was wearing was see through.

2. Go to a party and not realise that you have lipstick on your teeth or that your fake lashes are coming unglued?
Lipstick on my teeth because I think less people would notice that whereas if my eyelash was coming off, it could be seen from more angles and from a further distance.

3. Forget to put mascara on one eye or blush on one side of your face?
Blush because I naturally blush a lot anyway so I'm sure it will balance it out a bit more where as I have no chance of getting away with it if I forget to put mascara on one eye.

4. Wear lipstick/lipliner combo or frosty blue eyeshadow?
Some people can really pull of a lipstick/lipliner combo but I don't think I am one of those people so I'd say frosty blue eyeshadow which hopefully would compliment my blue eyes and wouldn't look terrible!

5. Wear foundation that is two shades too light or go way overboard on bronzer?
Foundation that is two shades too light which I can then attempt to correct with bronzer, blusher and powder on top.

6. Drink an entire bottle of ketchup or run into the guy who broke your heart on a bad hair day when your skin is freaking out?
This is a terrible one as I don't like ketchup in the first place and so the thought of drinking a whole bottle, makes me want to throw up. For that reason, I'm going to have to go for the latter option, however awful that would be.

7. Be able to date any celebrity you want or wake up with red carpet-worthy hair?
Easy; date any celebrity I want because although I wouldn't actually want to date a celebrity as I'd hate the extra attention and pressure I'd be under, it would mean I could date George Shelley which I think we all know is an option I would choose over many things.

8. Your armpits smell musty or like delicious lasagne?
Lasagne- I love lasagne so I quite like the smell and although I wouldn't want to smell of it myself, I'd rather smell of that than smell musty.

9. Give up your make up or phone for a year?
Make up. As much as I love make up, I could not give up my phone for a year, where as giving up make up would probably end up benefiting my skin anyway.

10. Run into a guy you like with food all over you or no makeup at all?
No make up because if you liked them and it went somewhere, he'd probably end up seeing you without make up on at some point anyway; might as well get it over with however uncomfortable I'd feel.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed finding out a few more random things about me. If anyone wants to try this tag for themselves, leave me a comment below when you've done it and I'll be sure to check it out.

Love, Steph x

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Autumn Beauty Haul 2015

I feel like I need to tone down the number of hauls soon as I may have been spending a bit too much recently, but the last one for now (she says) is this Autumn Beauty Haul which consists of beauty products that I've picked up over the past month or so.

Colour Drama Velvet Lip Pencil Keep It Classy
Colour Drama Velvet Lip Pencil Nude Perfection
Colour Drama Velvet Lip Pencil Berry Much
These lip pencils are my latest make up obsession. I bought the first one in Keep It Classy from Tesco and fell in love with it, it was so easy to use to line and fill in the lips; creating a neat, pretty lip effect. The colour itself was perfect for this time of year; almost a berry shade but slightly lighter and with a few more pinky tones. It was extremely long lasting and when it did start to fade, it faded quite evenly so I wasn't left with patchy or lined-but-not-filled-in lips. I wore it to a Bonfire and Firework display where I was outside for a few hours, drank and ate and the lip colour still stayed quite strong, only fading slightly. Taking all of this on board, I decided to order two more in my Superdrug order; one nude shade and one berry shade which I think are perfect for this time of year!
Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil Dark Blonde
If you're a regular reader, you will probably be very familiar with this product and what I think of it! For those that don't know, this is my go to brow product; it's the ideal shade for me, it's so easy to use for both shaping and defining my brows and it always looks the same morning through to evening.
Mastershape Brow Pencil Dark Blonde
As much as I love Brow Satin, I wanted to give a cheaper alternative a try and so I picked up this pencil by the same brand and in the same shade. Whilst it does fill in my brows nicely, I don't like it as much as Brow Satin but I'm not entirely sure why... it just doesn't quite seem to do it for me. I will continue to try it out as I'm sure my purse would thank me if I were to switch products but for now, Brow Satin remains a firm favourite.
Linerefine Expression White Kohl  Eyeliner
I'd seen a lot of people raving about the effects white eye liner has on your eyes and in true 'curious Steph' style, I had to give it a try myself. I must admit, I do love it! It really does make my eyes look bigger and therefore pop more. I've found myself including it in my make up routine more often than not and I feel like it's a great addition. This particular liner is incredibly easy to use and always seems to last when I use it on my waterline or my inner corner.

Colour Riche Smokey- Velours Noir (E5)
I actually bought this on my birthday when I spotted a 3 for 2 deal across pretty much all make up brands in Boots and wanted a replacement mascara and to try out the Super Liner (both below). For my third product, I decided I wanted to look for a silver eyeshadow to complete my witchy make up look for my Halloween party the following day and whilst perusing the shelves, I spotted this little gem. The quad palette includes two lovely silver shades, a black and a shimmery white, all of which look stunning in the packaging and even nicer on the eyes, particularly together. Although, I don't think silver is the best shade for my eye colour, I did like how it looked with the rest of my make up.
Superliner Superstar Eyeliner
This was another product I saw a number of people mention and as it looked so nice on their eyes, I wanted to give it a try myself. Despite this, I never expected it to be so good. This is easily my new favourite liner as it is ridiculously easy to use; you can create a thin line or go a bit bolder really easily and the colour is really strong and doesn't fade through out the day. The only issue I've had is that I sometimes get a black smudge under my lashes near the flick but the eyeliner itself doesn't smudge and so it's easy to remove with a tissue.
False Lash Superstar Mascara 
Another repeat purchase that you may well have seen me mention on here many times before, particularly in my monthly favourites. This has been my favourite mascara for many months now and I get the feeling that it will remain that way for a long time. The combination of the primer, the mascara and the shape of the wand makes my lashes look so much longer and more volumised. A couple of people have asked if I'm wearing false lashes when I've worn this mascara which I took as a huge compliment and fell slightly more in love with the mascara each time. The most recent was one of my friends, Abi who I thought might appreciate this mention :D. Anyway, the shape of the wand, makes it perfect for reaching all of the lashes due to it's curve, and the mascara itself can be built up to create a bolder eye look should you want it. If you want to try a new mascara, I definitely recommend this one.

Blush Palette Golden Sugar
Another new love of mine. This palette is perfect for any shimmery cheek look, with one matte bronzer, and seven shimmers in various colours. I've been loving using the matte bronzer to do a semi contour look and then applying a combination of shimmery blushes to the apples of my cheeks outwards, finishing with the highlight shade along the top of my cheekbones. I think this look really helps to make my cheeks stand out and as a result, brings the rest of my make up together as well. A couple of people have also complimented my make up when I've been wearing this too which is always a good sign of a brilliant product.
Eyeshadow Palette Flawless
If you're looking for a good quality, low cost palette, Revolution is the answer! This 32 shade palette contains all the shades you could possibly need for a basic eye look. Revolution's eyeshadows always seem to be of high quality in my experience, with them lasting all day when worn with a primer (I never don't use one for any eyeshadows and so I can't comment on the quality without primer), they are fairly easy to blend, they go on nicely and the pigmentation is always good. Owning this palette makes me want to try out a few slightly different eye looks through the shear number of options I have and with the few I've tried so far, several people have complimented my eye look which makes me even more excited to try more.

Lasting Perfection Concealer
I'm sure most of you will have come across this somewhere, whether in person or through other bloggers or vloggers mentioning it. It is my number one concealer for any blemishes due to it's long lasting qualities and it's buildable coverage and so I wanted to purchase a spare one to go in my 'top up' make up bag.
Pressed Powder
Again I wanted this for my 'top up' make up bag as for me, concealer, powder and mascara are the three things I'd use if I could only use three products and are therefore the three I'd want most if I had to go somewhere unexpected and only had the contents of my handbag with me. I also find that powder is the thing I'm most likely to need to top up through out the day.

Wonder Hand Hand Cream
I am a dry hand sufferer- they don't usually look it and often don't feel it on the outside but to me, they feel dry and so I always like to have hand cream near me, particularly at this time of year. When Zoe revealed that her new products would include a hand cream, I was very excited and couldn't wait to get my hands on it (if you'll pardon the pun- name that reference!) Since buying it, I've been using it every evening and occasionally at other times in the day and have been loving it... it leaves my hands feeling soft and hydrated and smells gorgeous! Plus, the packaging is beautiful!
Candy Cream Softening Body Lotion
This is another repurchase as I featured this in a haul a while ago and since then, I have loved it. It not only leaves my skin feeling so much softer and fresher but also smells incredible and that smell lasts hours, hitting me every so often. I also love the little beads inside the lotion.
Solid Fragrance
I bought this to keep in my 'top up' make up bag as well as I thought it would be handy to have a fragrance in there other than a body spray. I feel like this is a better alternative to a perfume as it's more compact so will fit into the bag more easily. It also smells lovely; quite a subtle sweet but sophisticated scent which lasts a long time. The solid fragrance is easy to apply and feels lovely and soft on my skin.

Arbonne Calm Daily Cleanser
You may remember my post on Arbonne a few months ago (here) where by I reviewed some of the samples of products that Megan had kindly sent me. In the review I said that the cleanser worked but wasn't for me as I was a make up wipe kind of girl but since then I decided I wanted to convert to the cleanser life. Since buying this product, I have been thoroughly impressed with it, when removing make up, it feels a lot gentler on my skin than wipes do and I think it has helped to improve my over all skin quality. The product itself also feels really soft on my skin when using it and afterwards.
Rimmel Automatic Gel Liner
I spotted this in Poundstretcher for £1 the other day and thought it looked like a worthwhile purchase. I haven't used it yet but I am looking forward to trying it with my old favourite gold eye look!
Dove Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea Deodorant
I like to swap my deodorant fairly regularly as my skin gets used to one and then it starts to become slightly ineffective but one I found particularly good in the past was this one so I wanted to go back to it. I love the smell and find that it makes me feel fresher for longer.
Benefit Rockitude Set
This was my first Benefit purchase and I am thoroughly impressed... every product in the kit is amazing. Together, they create a gorgeous rose gold look which looks incredible this season. It includes Benetint, High Beam Highlighter, Rocketeur Blush and Rockitude Lipgloss. After enjoying using this product, I am excited to purchase and try more Benefit products in the future.
Clinique Nude Pop Lipstick
I got this free with my Glamour mag and it is amazing! It's small which makes it handy to keep in my purse or pocket ready for topping up through out the day. The colour itself is a great nude shade which gives a subtle pop of colour and shimmer to your lips. It also lasts quite a while.

I'm so sorry this didn't go up at the weekend, if you follow me on twitter, you may have seen why but if not, it's because I wrote it on Wednesday and just had a tiny bit left to finish, ready to upload. However, when I went to upload it on Saturday, all of my writing had disappeared, except the product titles and the images and after searching for ages for the missing text, I had to just accept the loss of text and start it again. I then had a lot of college work that I had to get done over the weekend and so today is the first chance I've had to rewrite the post. I've not had much luck with technology recently but I am going to try extra hard this week to get the schedule back on track which means you'll have today's post, Tag Tuesday and another post on Friday or Saturday. Thank you for being patient with this post, hopefully you enjoyed reading it anyway.

Love, Steph x

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30 Beauty Questions Tag

  1. How many times do you wash your face daily? Twice- morning and evening.
  2. What skin type do you have? Normal to dry I believe.
  3. What is your current facial wash? Arbonne FC5 Daily Cleanser
  4. Do you exfoliate? No- I know I should but I forget!
  5. Do you have freckles? I do, they are a lot more obvious in Summer 
  6. Do you use eye cream? No, I can't have creams as close to my eye as eye creams need to be or they make my eyes sting a bit or feel weird for the rest of the day
Make Up:
  1. What foundation do you use? I switch between a couple but the two that I mainly use at the moment are the Max Factor Face Finity 3 in 1 and Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
  2. What about concealer? Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer under my eyes and Collection Lasting Perfection for any blemishes
  3. Do you know your undertone colour? No
  4. What do you think about false lashes? I think they look really nice and part of me wants to wear them more often as I like the way my eyes look with them on but they're a pain to put on and they feel weird until you get used to it, plus that's extra faff and expense 
  5. Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months? I did know but I don't tend to follow this rule- I forget!
  6. What brand of mascara do you use? Again, I switch but the two main ones I use at the moment are the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara and the L'Oreal Superstar False Lash mascara
  7. What make up tools do you use in make up application? A number of different brushes- mostly Real Techniques ones and a Beauty Blender
  8. Do you use make up base/primer for the eyes? I do indeed
  9. For the face? Yep
  10. What is your favourite eyeshadow? This is a really tough one as I love so many but I always love a gold look so I'd say a combination of Urban Decay Radar and Strike 
  11. Do you use pencil or liquid liner? I use pencil on my water line occasionally but normally I use felt liner on my upper lash line and crayon on my waterline
  12. How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil? I rarely use one so I don't think I ever have- I've poked myself with mascara a couple of times which really hurts but not very often!
  13. What do you think of pigment eyeshadows? I can't really comment much as I've never tried them myself but they always seems to look nice on other people
  14. What is your favourite lipstick? Not a lipstick but at the moment I am really loving Maybelline Colour Drama Velvet Lip Crayon in Keep It Classy
  15. How about lipgloss? I really don't know for this one as there isn't one that jumps out at me as a favourite
  16. What is your favourite blush to use? Rockateur by Benefit
  17. Do you like drugstore make up? I bloomin' love it!
  18. Do you ever think about going to make up classes? Can't say it's ever really crossed my mind, if I don't know how to do something and want to try it, I'll watch a video and see but I think I'd like to have my makeup done by a professional to see what they do and find new techniques or looks that I maybe wouldn't consider
  19. Are you clumsy in putting on make up? I think I am
  20. Do you like colourful shades of make up or neutral ones? I like colourful lips but quite neutral eyes best
  21. Which celebrity always has great make up? So many do... I'm not sure if YouTubers count in this but if they do, then definitely Gabby (velevetgh0st). If not, Ariana Grande
  22. If you could leave the house wearing just one make up item, what would you use? Mascara
  23. Could you ever leave the house without any make up on? I can to go to the gym without any but not to go anywhere else
  24. In your opinion, what is the best makeup brand? This is an extremely hard question as I think different brands are good for different things so just talking about drugstore brands, I can narrow it down to four...
    1. Eyes: L'Oreal
    2. Brows and Lips: Maybelline
    3. Face: Rimmel and Collection
This week I thought I'd make my posts heavily beauty themed so if that interests you, don't forget to check back for Friday's post! I hope you enjoyed reading this one. 

Love, Steph x

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A Day In The Life: An Audience With Union J

I love the fact that this photo has the people it has in it but I hate how awkward I look!
On Wednesday, the wait was finally over and before I knew it, I found myself driving to pick Jess up ahead of 'An Audience With Union J'.

When we arrived in Nottingham after me rambling about goodness knows pretty much all the way, we reached our stop and after getting lost first off, we made it to The Canal House for a bite to eat before the show. For anyone that doesn't know, The Canal House does actually have the canal running through it which makes the whole feel very odd; on the one hand it's really cool but on the other it kind of creeped me out a bit; I'm not entirely sure why. The food was nice but I didn't really eat much of it as I often get stomach pains the day of a concert (again, I have no idea why) and at that point it made it difficult to eat much as it only seemed to make it worse.

After the meal, we made our way to The Glee Club and once inside, found a place to stand. We ended up near the back and at a bit of an angle to the stage but the view was still incredible and it still felt close to the stage. Although it would have been nice to be right near the front, I don't think I could have coped with that even if we did get there earlier as I get really nervous and claustrophobic in crowds as compact as that. Plus, I'd feel bad for blocking people's vision with my height!

Now is probably the point where my inner fangirl really starts to show...
From the moment they hit the stage, the vocal performances were incredible as was the energy of both the band and the audience. The Q&A sections were also highly amusing with some amazingly sassy moments, particularly from Jaymi (the Queen of Sass) which you could expect but also from Josh. I thoroughly enjoyed singing along to the songs as well as laughing at a lot of the things they said or did in between. As much as I loved it all, my favourite bit had to be meeting, hugging and getting a photo with them.

Rather than explain every little thing that happened, which trust me I could easily do, I thought I'd share some of my personal highlights of the evening and upload a couple of clips which are mostly of moments I found particularly amusing but also includes a couple of my favourite songs they performed which was difficult to select (I only chose from the ones taken with my iPod rather than my camera as these were better quality, sorry they're not particularly still but I wanted to enjoy it and not worry about quality filming):

- Whilst we were queuing for the meet and greet, one of the photo-background-sign-things fell over (or George knocked it over, I'm not entirely sure which one) and someone behind us yelled something like, 'It's cause of your big bum George' causing George to stick his bum out in retaliation, which was highly amusing to witness.

- Again whilst queuing but this time when we were at the point of the queue just in front of the stage, three of the four took a break to go to the toilet and as they came back across the stage, George decided to do a 'slow mo' walk which I stupidly didn't get a video of but did manage to capture a bit of it in a photo.

- The final highlight whilst queuing (bet you never realised queuing could be so entertaining!) George poked his head through one of the banners and because I was looking in that direction at the time, we made eye contact and smiled at each other (to be honest I think I did a really stupid smile as I was
caught completely off guard) but either way, it was a really lovely moment for me.

Here are some of my highlights of the show (sorry the filming and editing isn't great- it's not really my area of expertise but I thought I'd show you them rather than explain them anyway):
I Can't Make You Love Me:
Follow You (New Song):
I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I certainly enjoyed writing it and being able to relive some of the amazing moments. I had an incredible evening, so a big thank you to Union J for putting on the show and any of their team or other staff that helped make it come to life but also, to Jess who came with me and helped make it special for me! I also want to thank Jess and give her credit for some of the pictures as some were taken by her and some were taken by me but I can't distinguish between the two.

Sorry this post didn't go up on Saturday as I had previously stated... I tried my very best to get it up but as it involves YouTube videos there was a big delay- one video seemed to be stuck on about 650 minutes for ages, but it got there in the end!

If you went to any of their shows, let me know what you thought in the comments or if you have any questions or anything, leave me a comment and I'll be sure to check it out.

Love, Steph x

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