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Not long ago, I celebrated my 18th and had some of my friends over for a Halloween Gathering. In the build up to it, I'd searched the internet for some age appropriate games but got very little back, so for anybody else that is in this boat, particularly as we head into the party season, I thought I'd share some of the games I came up with, inspired by the ones I did come across.

Drink Pass The Parcel
As the title suggests, this one is a game for the over 18s if you are in the UK, if not then it differs depending on whereabouts you are in the world. I'm sure you're all aware of the regular pass the parcel rules- pass a parcel around a circle and when the music stops, the person who it stops on unwraps the next layer before passing it on, which continues until the last 'prize' layer and whoever it stops on, wins the prize. I've seen a number of different ways of playing this game (yes it is normally for children) which includes sweets in each of the layers, forfeits in each layer or just empty until the prize but there are plenty of other options too. However, as it was my 18th birthday, I wanted to create a sort of drinking game. I kept most of the rules the same but in each layer (I had 18 in total), there was a shot test tube so that whoever the music stopped on had to unwrap the layer and drink the shot. I played this game with a few people that either couldn't or didn't want to drink which was still fine, instead they had to nominate somebody else to drink it if it landed on them. I thought this was a quite a different alternative of a children's game and is one I would definitely play again. The test tubes we used weren't that strong as they were only 0.3 units but you can use whatever strength you want. If you do decide to play this game for any events in the future, please make sure you're responsible about it and that you do drink responsibly.

If you are interested in playing this game and want to know where you could get test tube shots, these were the ones I ordered (x), which I think were reasonably priced for the number you get.

Mad Lib Challenge
This one was inspired by Alfie, Marcus and Jim (video here). I searched the internet for a Halloween mad lib story which were pretty much all aimed at children however, they seemed to work well anyway. You can do this for a number of different themes- whatever suits your event or you can create on of your own by finding a passage and taking out a rangeof words. Once I had my story, I split the group in two and gave them each a sheet with a list of the types of words they had to come up with such as, name, verb, noun etcetera. They then had two minutes to come up with all of the words. At the end of the two minutes, I read out the story, pausing at each gap for the first team to fill them in. I then repeated it with the second team and then selected a winner based on which story I found funniest. This game was very simple and another adaption of a children's game but it provided some very funny moments.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that some of you have found it useful for any upcoming events you might have. If you have any young adult games that you recommend, leave me a comment as I'm always happy to hear new ideas.

Love, Steph x

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