Boutique Of Molly Review: 'Asia' and 'Georgia'

I made another Boutique Of Molly (BOM) order! As I had a great experience shopping from BOM last time (previous post here), I was very much looking forward to receiving my new orders and trying them on and was not disappointed.

After much deliberation (too many pretty things to choose from), I placed an order for the 'Georgia' Padded Sweetheart Dress £15 and the 'Liana' Bardot Curve Hem Dress £29.95. Unfortunately, the Liana dress didn't fit right over my shoulders/arms and just didn't suit me so I had to send it back and decided to exchange it for the 'Asia' Embroided Cut Out Dress £34.95. As BOM does not have any stores you can return it to and doesn't have a free postage return service, I would recommend making a decision based on the website and only ordering what you think you will like and want to keep, rather than buying a few things to try and then sending back those you don't like, which some stores allow you to do more freely, generally because they are on a much bigger scale. Having said that, it wasn't very expensive to send it back to them and was really easy to do, I just had to print a returns form and send it off, filled in, with my item. I also got my exchange item delivered promptly after returning the 'Liana' dress, so although it may not seem as easy initially, it was a rather quick and simple process and the brand were very accommodating.

Asia Embroided Cut Out Dress £34.95

I love how this dress is detailed with the cutouts, the lace down the sides of the dress and the embroided design on the front- it all helps to make the dress unique and more beautiful. I wore the ribbon part of the dress slightly differently and actually leveled it off a bit and tied it round the back as I felt like that it fit there nicely, but I would also consider having them dangling on the sides of the dress as an alternative way of wearing it, as I think this looks lovely too. I also wore a bra with the dress but if you're comfortable without I think that would be better and I may try this in the future, but I tend to feel more paronoid or less confident without, hence why I didn't at the time, so if you feel similar to me on this subject, then a strapless bra also looks fine.

The straps are adjustable which I think is really useful as then you can decide how low you want the neck line to sit and it generally makes the dress that but more comfortable. I must admit, I tend to be a bit scared to wear white a lot of the time as although there are some gorgeous white items of clothing, I'm always scared I'll ruin them by dropping something down me however, I couldn't resist this dress.

It is rather short for someone as tall as myself but I think this can be combatted by wearing it a bit lower and I still think it looks really nice with a little more leg on show anyway.

I am very much looking forward to wearing this dress out, I could see it being great for an outdoor gathering-esque thing or for a Summer dress for any other nice outing as well.

'Georgia' Padded Sweetheart Dress £15

This dress seemed like such a simple but cute staple to a wardrobe, as I think red dresses can look effortlessly gorgeous and this was something I did not have in my wardrobe prior to this. Again this is a little short for someone as tall as myself but I still think it looks nice and is something I would enjoy wearing out.

The fact that it's padded makes me more like likely to feel comfortable wearing it without a bra but the fact that it's strapless does make me a tad hesitant; i'll have to give that a go as I think it would look more seamless without one.

I think this dress would be easy to accessorise and would make a lovely outfit with a variety of shoes, jackets and jewellery, so I'm looking forward to wearing it this Summer.

Unfortunately this particular dress appears to have sold out so you won't be able to get your hands on it but there are other similar style dress on the site like Lila and Lola, so if you like the dress, you could check one of those out instead or you could have a browse and see what other gems you discover.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my most recent BOM purchases and I'm sure there will be more to follow. If you did enjoy it, let me know. If you want to browse the store, you can do so here or you can follow their Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with new items. If you want to see more posts from me, you can follow my social media links to see when I next upload. Thank you for reading this post.

Love, Steph x


  1. Omg the Georgia Padded Sweetheart dress looks gorgeous on you Steph!! :)


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