University Haul Part Two: Kitchen

Last week I uploaded the first part of my university haul with everything I had purchased for my bedroom and bathroom so far, which you can see here. Today I have the second part to that containing everything I have for my kitchen, so you can have a watch of that below.
A lot of these things were given to me by my grandma as she moved house and didn't need as much so that really helped me out and stopped me from having to buy a lot of things, which I'm really grateful for. So as there are a number of things that weren't directly from a store, I won't include them below but anything I can find or slightly similar products will be linked underneath if you would like to check them out. Even if they aren't mentioned below, hopefully it will have given you come inspiration about the items you may need for the kitchen. A lot of uni accommodations have some of these items in the flat already so check with your uni before buying mountains of things you don't need.

At this stage, I now have most of the things I need/want for university, particularly for the kitchen. Anything else I do purchase will feature in a university room tour, which I'm hopefully planning to do, and/or in a final uni stuff haul just before or once I have moved.

Items Mentioned
Vintage 1997 Mug
Floral Mug & Bowl
Next Metallic Heart Plates
Floral Lap Tray
Wilko 3 Scissors £1
Aah Bisto Favourites Gravy Limited Edition
Aah Bisto Favourites Gravy
Home Bargains Can Opener £1.99
Home Bargains Bottle Opener £1.49
Lidl Knives Two For £3 or £1.99 each
Home Bargains Foil 89p
Home Bargains Freezer Bags 69p
Home Bargains Cling Film 79p

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Love, Steph x

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