Autumn Fashion & Beauty Essentials

There's that word again!!! Yes, this is another post centered around Autumn, and it probably won't be the last! If you don't love the season at the moment, keep reading my blog and you will by the end of it. ;) I am a big lover of Summer fashion but when the season changes into Autumn and the stores are filled with burgundy and mustard clothing among a whole heap of coats... my heart delights! So here are my fashion and beauty essentials this Autumn.
Black denim skirt- A recent addition to my wardrobe but important nonetheless. I am very excited to be able to wear various tops, shirts and jumpers with this skirt to make an effortless but pretty outfit. The colour also means it goes with pretty much anything you wish to throw on with it. Perfect for the dark mornings where you really don't want to think too much about what to wear.
Pinafore- Pinafores and dungarees have been in the limelight a lot this year and Autumn seems like the perfect time to bring out the cute pinafores to create a lovely outfit with layers to keep you warm! I personally have two pinafores in pink and burgundy and look forward to wearing them both. (Featured in this video)
Bomber jacket- Another 2016 fashion favourite and yes, I am late to the party on this one as I didn't think they were really my sort of style. However, my mum did kindly buy me one before I headed off to uni, which you may have seen in my Autumn Primark Haul (here) and I love it. I haven't had chance to wear it properly yet but I'm looking forward to paring it with black jeans and a cami top and maybe a nice choker, as shown in the image above.
Boots- You can't have Autumn without boots; long or short, they're a necessity. I've been living in my black ankle boots since starting university as they go with everything, look nice and most importantly, are comfortable and warm making them ideal for a day at uni.
Parker coat- These have been popular in the colder months for years and although I've loved seeing them, I haven't loved them enough to splash the cash on one however, I saw a range of parkers in different colours for £20 in Primark and it seemed an irresistible purchase. Although it's only really been cold enough to wear it the past week, it makes me even more excited for the colder weather so I can venture out into the cold, crisp air, feeling cosy in my lovely coat.
Gold/copper eyeshadow- You must all know by now how much I love a gold/copper shimmery eye look but this love is heightened in the Autumn, when my bronze shadows come out to play. You can create a gorgeous shimmery eye look without a great deal of effort but it still looks amazing, especially for the time of year.
Dark/berry lip products- You've heard it before and you'll hear it again. It is the time of year for the dark lip products to come out of hiding and complete any outfit. Whether it's a deep red or a berry shade, they look incredible and are an Autumn beauty staple!

What are your Autumn essentials? Let me know in the comments. I also uploaded a(nother) haul video today, so you can go over and give that a watch here if you're interested. Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it. If you did and want to see more from me, you can follow my social media links in the top right hand corner to see when I next upload.

Love, Steph x

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