A Perfect Night In

As we all know, I'm not one for clubbing or partying so I love to spend an evening in watching a movie, reading a book or just having a bit of me time. That's why when I saw Leesa's new project, I was inspired to create a blog post on this topic.  As someone who prefers a night in, I feel as though my tips could come in handy.

1. Ensure you have a selection of snacks to enjoy. Whilst I'm sure we'd all love to be surrounded by various chocolate delights, it's probably wise to have a range of healthy, or at least not unhealthy, snacks to hand. I find the urge to snack to be particularly strong whilst I'm watching a film or tv show so I like to have a number of delicious but healthy(er) snacks available. Some of my personal favourites include popcorn; you can experiment with flavours or stick to the ones available in the shops, fruit (frozen or otherwise), nuts or plain yoghurt. Of course, if you want to treat yourself to some other, less healthy snacks, that's totally fine.
2. Fairylights are a must for any successful cosy night in. There's just something warming about twinkling lights strung across the wall. They make any room seem more inviting. Candles also achieve the same effect as well as emitting a heavenly scent to add to the overall pleasantness of the evening.

3. You need to have some comfortable pyjamas or loungewear to spend the evening chilling in. Christmas patterned are a great choice at this time of year; they get you into the festive spirit and make you feel all warm and cosy.

4. A face mask (homemade or shop bought) is a brilliant way to get yourself into the relaxed mood ready for a chilled night in. You can pamper yourself, treat your skin and feel as though you're spending some much needed time, looking after yourself.

5. After washing off your face mask, it's always nice to kick start the evening in with a bubble bath. Using your favourite bath products, put you in a great mood and ready to make the most of the evening. With so many different bath products available, you're bound to find something you'll like.

6. No night in is complete without a good movie or tv show. Whether it's a new season of How To Get Away With Murder or a good old rom-com, they're great for making an evening enjoyable! Personally, it depends on my mood as to what sort of film or tv show I fancy watching.
7. Alternatively (or additionally), you can curl up in bed with a good book and escape into a new world. It's such a nice way to spend the evening! I recently finished The Girl On The Train which I recommend (if you haven't had enough recommendations for it) and I'm currently reading After The Crash by Michel Bussi, which I really like so far but I'll update you once I've finished as I'm still quite early on in the book.

8. Don't forget a nice, soft blanket to snuggle down under if you're on the sofa or you can keep cosy and warm in bed, whichever takes your fancy!

However, a perfect night in doesn't have to be alone, you can invite some friends over, get yourself some matching pyjamas and enjoy a night in together. Depending on the tone of the evening, you could make yourself and your guests some warming winter beverages or maybe have yourselves a cocktail evening, experimenting with recipes... that's always fun and you could end up with an incredible new recipe to keep going back to. If you are spending the evening with others, it might be a nice idea to bring out a game- it always gets people laughing and makes an evening fun and friendly.

There are plenty of other ways you can spend a night in and it all depends on your mood and what you feel in need of, but those are some of my favourite things to do. If you want to read more about Leesa's mattresses, you can find The Sweet Home's review here. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, if you did and you want to see more posts from me, you can follow my social media links in the top right-hand corner to see when I next upload. Thank you for reading this post.

Love, Steph x

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