March Favourites 2017

Once again, I'm late with my monthly favourites post, I'm really sorry! I had this ready last week and completely forgot to upload it so it's now even later but I've finally done it! I've also slacked with my posting schedule lately, which has simply been down to the amount I've had to do including a lot of assignments at uni all around the same time. However, with Easter breaks, I'm hoping to upload more, commencing from next week, both on here and on my YouTube channel, so make sure you're subscribed to that! I'm also uploading everyday for the next couple of days with Vidcon related content so check that out here. My first vlog went up yesterday!
As for my favourites, I have a few to share with you, most of which seem to have fallen in the Entertainment category again this month!

First of all, I want to give a shoutout to my new header and the amazing, talented individual behind it: Jemma! I have admired her designs for a while and was so pleased that she could create one for me. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted initially as I kept changing my mind before asking her but I'm so happy with the result... I hope you guys like it too! I'm now working on tying everything together, with the fonts and images so my blog and YouTube channel can compliment each other nicely, so hopefully, you'll see that difference soon. If you want to have a read of Jemma's blog (highly recommend you do so), you can do so here and if you're interested in a design yourself, you can have a look here.

Riverdale- The show everyone and their dogs seems to be talking about! I have been loving watching this show and find myself excited for Friday every week, not only for the start of the weekend but also so I can watch more Riverdale- that break was not fun! I love so many of the characters and think the actors play them really well. It just seems to be the sort of show I adore; mystery, humour, drama, romance... the whole shebang!
Beauty and the Beast- I love this film way more than I probably should and after watching it twice already, I'd happily watch it again. I had high expectations for the film as Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast have always been my favourite Disney films along with Jasmine and Belle being my favourite princesses. I was pleasantly surprised when it not only met but surpassed all of my expectations. I don't think a film has ever caused such varied emotions and reactions throughout the film- I had a cycle of a joyful smile, bursts of laughter at the witty one-liners and tears; every time I thought I'd stopped crying, something else would make the tears fall again. The cast list is incredible and was expertly chosen, the costumes are stunning, especially Belle's dresses, and the songs are beautiful; I love the new variations of the old songs as well as the new songs altogether. If you haven't had chance to see this film yet, I wholeheartedly recommend you do!
Get Out- I enjoyed this film generally but was a little disappointed by its predictability. I like when a book or film surprises me, which seems to be quite rare at the moment... I have a habit of obsessing over stuff and trying to work it all out so that I get a temporary relief of satisfaction when I'm right, sadly this is quickly replaced by disappointment that I haven't been shocked; it's a problem haha! Nevertheless, I thought it balanced humour, drama and general intense emotions well, making it engaging to watch. I do like the storyline but think a few little changes would have made it better in my personal opinion.
13 Reasons Why- As my favourites post has gone up a bit later than it probably should have done, I wanted to add this tv show in. It may have only come out at the end of March but I was eagerly awaiting its arrival and finished watching it in a couple of days! I wasn't entirely sure about it to begin with but by about episode 3, I was hooked. I loved the book and find topics like those highlighted in both the book and the show to be both interesting and incredibly important, so the way it was presented in both platforms was amazing. The tv show did great justice to the book but I was grateful that I'd read it 5/6 years prior to the tv show as it meant I was still pleasantly surprised by the story and wasn't overly critical. I love the way it's filmed, showing the past and present lives overlapping and think the way it handles the sensitive topics were amazing.
Radio 1- This is a random favourite to have and nothing like I've seen people feature before but since learning radio skills in university and paying close attention to radio show and news bulletins and news programmes, I've found a new love for it that was buried slightly below the surface! I've always enjoyed listening to Radio 1, mainly in my car but have particularly enjoyed listening to it recently, especially Nick Grimshaw, Scott Mills and Chris Stark and Greg James. I think they all make great presenters and ones I continually want to listen to, often making me want to just hear them rather than the actual music, which was never the case before. I love noticing details about the way they are working and try to pick out points I'd like and not like to use if I were in a similar position.
Gold hoop earrings- I have lived in gold hoop earrings this month, in fact, I don't think I've swapped them at all. They're perfect for any occasion and go nicely with any outfit... it's made things a lot easier having some to leave in all the time so I'm not forgetting to put some in everyday!
Ear cuffs- Similarly, I'm loving ear cuffs at the moment, they're such a simple touch but I like the way the look with several different outfits and hairstyles; a perfect way to accessorise the ear without a painful piercing!
There are three main perfumes I've been loving throughout March: Burberry Sport, Rituals Fleurs de L'Himalaya, Calvin Klein CK2. I've clumped them together as I'm rubbish at describing smells although the three scents are all very different. CK2 is one I've mentioned a few times and just screams sophistication to me, I love the scent anytime but is often my go-to going out perfume. Fluers de L'Himilaya is a lot more floral (if you know French that's probably very obvious) but it's not overly so. Generally, I don't go for floral scents but there's something I love about this one, possibly the fresh element it also has to it. Burberry Sport is a great day time perfume, another quite sophisticated and fresh scent I'd say and could be an evening wear but for me, has definitely featured more in the day.
Lazy Days Candle- A random little favourite for the end of the post is this candle, which smells amazing! I love all of Zoe's products that I've tried and this is no different, it makes a room smell so lovely and fresh and creates a beautiful glow! It's been great to have lit when I'm working at my desk or editing a video; makes things that little bit more calming!

So, that completes my March Favourites! I hope you've enjoyed this post, let me know what you've been loving recently and if you've seen any of the things mentioned in mine. If you liked this post and want to see more from me, you can follow my social media links in the top right-hand corner to see when I next upload. Thank you for reading!

Love, Steph x

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