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I was inspired to this tag by the waresisters, who uploaded a video on this a few months ago. The first part of the tag involves choosing one thing in a list of categories to take with you to an unknown desert island, the second part of the tag is your response to the situation of your plane crashing on the way to your island.

Part One: What to take to the desert island...

Movie: The Proposal. There are so many films that I love but, one film I've seen hundreds of times and still adore is The Proposal, it has Sandra Bullock (one of my top three favourite actresses) and Ryan Reynolds (one of my top three favourite actors), it makes me laugh every single time and I love the witty, sarcastic humour through out the film.

Album: This is a really difficult one but I think I'm going to have to go with Battleground by The Wanted because I love all of the songs on it but it also has the song 'I'll be your strength on' which I love the lyrics to and the song has helped me a lot (along with other songs and other things) through difficult times.

Person: Excluding family because I can't choose one family member to take so I'm going to have to go for George Shelley because I feel like he would be good at surviving on this desert island and making it into a fun adventure.

Food: I agree with Laura in that I'd want to take Watermelon as it is my favourite food but I'm hoping the Island has watermelon. In which case, I would take vegetarian lasagne, it's my favourite meal and it contains protein, vegetables, carbohydrates and fat so I would have pretty much all the food groups covered.

Drink: Ice Tea.

Make Up: Mascara- it's my essential make up item because my eye lashes are very light so without it, my eyes don't look very bright or awake. If I'm just lazying around the house and not wearing make up, I often will put on mascara (and sometimes concealer if needed), I don't feel dressed without it.

Extra Thing: A notebook (and pen)

Part Two: What to do when the plane crashes...

If the plane started to crash I would wait until we got a little bit closer to the ground (but not too close) and then I would jump out with a dingy onto the water if we were over water  and then I would paddle to shore or, I would use the dingy to break my fall if we were over land.

If anyone does this tag, let me know in the comments and I'll check it out, alternatively leave your answer to one of the sections in the comments below for me to read.

Love, Steph x

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