Primark Haul and Lookbook

I've never been the biggest Primark fan (although I loved it yesterday and will more than likely go again in the near future) and I haven't been since the summer of 2012 but after seeing Zoe's Primark haul the other day and knowing I needed/wanted to update my wardrobe for Spring, Summer and my holiday, I decided to take a trip to Primark. I love watching and reading other people's hauls and they're are quite fun to do so I thought I'd share some of my purchases with you.

I've done this post a bit differently to my previous hauls as I have also decided to do a Lookbook and show you most of the clothes that way. However, I've not shown you the swimwear as I'm not comfortable featuring that in the post. I'd also like to apologise for the issue with some of the text cutting off, I'm not great at editing videos and I tried to get it all on but it wouldn't work. I'm also a rather unphotogenic person so some of the pictures are okay but many didn't turn out that great. Despite both of these things, I hope you enjoy seeing some of the things I bought. Let me know in the comments below, what you think of this style post and the overall lookbook video concept.

The things I bought that weren't in the video were:
Plain strappy tops in white, black and navy £1.80 each
Workout shorts £4
Floral print bikini top £6 and bottoms £4
Printed stripped bikini top £4 and bottoms £3
Black and white over bikini/swimming costume £8
Bobbles £1
Black, sparkly sunglasses £3

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a great Mother's Day tomorrow.

Love, Steph x

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