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Another 'Top Ten...' post for you today, this time it's music and my top ten current favourite albums. Got any other suggestions of different artists, songs or albums that you'd recommend me checking out? Let me know in the comments below.
  1. You Got It All- Union J- Surprise, surprise, Union J's album is in my favourites! I love this album and all the songs on it, there's a range of styles which are great for various occasions and moods (or all if you're like me). There are a lot of feel good songs and a couple of beautiful, powerful ones on there too. 
  2. Title- Meghan Trainor- I know I bang on about this album, but it is seriously incredible! There are so many hits and I love every single song. It is the perfect album for working out to, getting ready to or just to listen to to put you in a good mood. I don't know how many times I have listened to this album but given the amount of times it's been playing on repeat, I reckon a lot!
  3. Handwritten- Shawn Mendes- I've mentioned this album before as well and although it is not available to buy yet, (I will be getting it as soon as it's available on the 13th April) the songs that are available are incredible; his voice is beautiful and has a great tone, and the songs are amazing. I particularly love A Little Too Much which has some beautiful and powerful lyrics that I think the majority of us will be able to relate to.
  4. LIVESOS- 5 Seconds of Summer- After listening to this album so many times, it's made me even more excited to see them live in June as it think will be a great atmosphere with the songs being performed incredibly well.
  5. Meet The Vamps (Deluxe)- The Vamps- I haven't been listening to this album that much recently in comparison to the others on my favourites, but in the lead up to The Vamps tour, I will be listening to it a lot more. I love the songs and the melodies on this album, particularly Girls on TV and Last Night.
  6. Now That's What I Call Disney- Who doesn't love Disney? This album is perfect for my Disney cravings or Disney moods, with so many classics that are so fun to sing along to and are great at improving my mood.
  7. Shawn Mendes EP- Shawn Mendes- Like Handwritten, I am in love with his EP which has four amazing osngs and vocals on. I love them all and have listening to them so many times and still love them as much as I did the first time.
  8. Union J (Deluxe)- Union J- Recently I have had some major Union J feels and have craved listening to their voices quite a lot, so this album has really helped with that and has made me happy when I listen to it. I love all of the songs on this album and have done since it was released in 2013. My favourites have been the same since I first listened to it and they are Amaze Me and Head in the Clouds, but I do really love the other songs as well.
  9. X- Ed Sheeran- Another amazing album by an incredible artist, with so many great songs that I enjoy listening to and singing along to. My favourites of this album always seem to be changing as I love them all, but one that has been a consistent favourite is, Take It Back.
  10. The Wanted- The Wanted- Despite the fact that The Wanted are no longer together, it hasn't lessened my love for the or their songs and at the moment, I have been loving listening to their first album which has some really beautiful songs on. I will never tire of hearing this album.
Love, Steph x

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