Summer With My Best Friend

Today I wanted to share with you my time spent with one of my best friends (basically a sister) so I have another 'Day in the life' style post despite the fact I'm recounting the past fortnight rather than just one day.

I featured Runa and briefly mentioned our time in my July Favourites (here) but for anyone that hasn't read that or wants more detail; Runa and I first started talking in 2012 and met for the first time that Summer, in 2013 I went to stay with her in February and she came to stay with me in September, I then went to stay with her again in July last year (2014) so this year she came back to ours. She visited along with 4 others who I am also very good friends with (they stayed with other people but we did a lot as a group) and she stayed for two weeks.

I won't explain every little detail of the trip as that would take a while and probably wouldn't be that interesting, so instead I'm going to highlight some of my favourite moments.

  • Go Ape- Myself, Runa, George (my best friend) and my brother spent the day completing the high ropes course and then having a picnic. Whilst I am afraid of heights, I love doing things like high ropes and Go Ape is no exception. We had an amazing day, laughing at each other as we failed to land the zip wires on our feet, helping each other when we struggled to do something (particularly me when we had to force ourselves to jump/step off a platform and trust the harness to swing us safely into the net), and just spending time with each other.
  • Ice Skating- I love ice skating so I really enjoyed this day even though I'm not great at the sport, although I'm not particularly bad either- just okay! It did make me crave skiing though, which is possibly my favourite sport even though, for obvious reasons, I can't do it very often.
  • George's Birthday- Whilst Runa was here, it was also George's birthday, so we spent one afternoon at her house with a couple of other people and just had a lovely and very funny time playing some games, chatting and eating pizza and other snacks! I particularly enjoyed playing Scruples which is a card game where you have to select someone in the group that you think would answer an ethical question a certain way; and twister which was very funny to do.
  • Shopping- I had to put shopping as a highlight seeing as I am such a big shopaholic. I don't think I've ever spent so much time in a shopping center before, and by the end I was truly exhausted but I managed to make a lot of (too many) great purchases. 
  • BBQ- One afternoon/evening, we had a lovely BBQ with the whole group and a couple of extra friends which was a lovely day. The weather was good for us and we enjoyed spending time together, just relaxing, playing card games and, of course, having a BBQ which was amazing, even if it had to be moved inside due to a wasp attack.
  • Card Games- I learnt so many new card games whilst she was here and we spent a great deal of our free time playing some of them which I'm sure I'll remember doing for a long time.
  • Meal With The Family- One evening we went to Frankie & Benny's with my family which was a great evening; tasty food; funny moments and a nice time spent together. We also watched a movie when we got home (The Other Woman) which was very funny and was a very pleasant end to the day. 
  • Picnics- My last key highlight is picnics as we had a number of them, with several different people, which I enjoyed a lot; it was lovely to spend time just chilling, playing card games, having a picnic and taking some fun photographs.
Overall, I had an amazing fortnight and loved spending time with all of my friends from Germany that I don't get to see very often, especially my best friend Runa who is kind, funny, beautiful and amazingly strong. I'm so glad I met her three years ago and can't imagine my life without her now (I know that sounds incredibly cheesy but it's true). Each year, we get closer and closer even when it doesn't seem possible, and I know I could tell her anything. I hope we continue to do this for so many years as I know there are so many amazing memories already and hope there will be so many more to come. I want to say thank you to everybody involved in making the two weeks so special but especially thank you to Runa for everything she does! I love you all so much and hope to see you again soon!

Thank you for reading this post.

Love, Steph x

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