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Today's tag is going to be a bit more stat like rather than long winded answers, so I hope you'll enjoy getting to know me more.

Vital Stats
Name: Stephanie
Nickname: Steph
Birthday: 29th October
Place of Birth: England
Star Sign: Scorpio
Occupation: N/A

Hair Colour: Moussy blonde
Hair Length: Long when straight but mid length when curly
Eye Colour: Blue
Best Feature: Eyes???
Braces: Nope, never.
Piercings: Standard ear piercing
Tattoos: Nope
Righty or Lefty: Righty most of the time but lefty when eating

Best Friend: A family friend called Beth
Sport: I don't remember... I did gymnastics at one point but it didn't last very long and I attempted horse riding when I was three but started getting scared after a couple of lessons (weird way round I know) and so I stopped that and didn't pick it back up again until I was about 7 or 8.
Concert: Sugababes

Film: I can't pick one so it's between: The Proposal, Bride Wars, The Last Song, 22 Jump Street, Wild Child, Pitch Perfect 2, The Hannah Montana Movie and any of The Hunger Games films.
TV Show: Pretty Little Liars but I have many other close favourites.
Colour: Pink or Red
Song: This is an impossible task for me; I love so many and my favourite constantly changes.
Restaurant: Bill's or TGIFridays
Store: This year I'd have to say Primark
Book: Another impossible task but if I was forced to pick one, I think it would be Cruel Summer by James Dawson
Magazine: If online magazines count then Sugarscape, if not probably Glamour
Shoes: At the moment, my black boots

Feeling: Excited for Christmas
Single or Taken: Single
Eating: Fruit and Yoghurt
Listening To: Nothing at the moment as I'm watching The Grinch but for the music I've been loving listening to recently, you can read my last blog post here
Thinking About: The list of things I need to complete this week
Watching: The Grinch
Wearing: Pyjamas

Want Children: Yes
Want To Get Married: I think so
Careers In Mind: Journalist, publisher or writer
Where Do You Want To Live: I don't know yet

Do You Believe In
God: No
Miracles: Potentially
Love At First Sight: Maybe- I'm unsure
Ghosts: Yes but not how they are portrayed
Aliens: Yes, the same as ghosts
Soulmates: I think so
Heaven: No
Hell: No
Kissing On The First Date: I guess
Yourself: I should but I don't think I do enough

So there you go, some more information about me for you to sink your teeth into, I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know what your answers to the 'Do You Believe In...' section as I think some of them are really interesting to find out.

Love, Steph x

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