I Love Winter Tag

I know it's not technically Winter until the 21st December but I usually consider the whole of December as Winter and so seeing as today is the first, I thought it was a good time to do this tag.

1. Do you like the cold?
Yes, I love it when it's cold outside so you wrap up nice and warm but then when you get indoors, you can get all cosy and comfortable, in your pyjamas with the fire on, hot chocolate in hand.

2. Favourite thing about Winter?
I'm going to say the standard answer of Christmas because the build up to Christmas is always really exciting, Christmas itself is such a happy time of year, spending time with friends and family.

3. Favourite Winter drink?
White hot chocolate but I often find it too sickly if I have it out, so I tend to just drink it at home.

4. Do you do any outdoor activities in the Winter?
Not really. I just do the same sort of things I do all year. I'd love to ski or snowboard in the Winter but because of where I live, that's obviously not always possible so I have only done it a few times.

5. Favourite Winter scent?
This is a tough one but I love anything with cinnamon in, so it would probably have to be cinnamon.

6. Does it snow where you live?
Occasionally but not usually a lot.

7. Favourite clothing item in Winter?
This year, it would have to be jumpers because I've really been enjoying wearing them.

8. Your favourite Winter memory?
I mentioned this memory before in my Throwback Tag response (here) but it would have to be when we went skiing in Slovenia and we had purchased a circular sledge which supposedly went faster than a regular one. We had a lot of fun testing it out. On this particular run, my brother and I decided to go on it together and so we went flying down the hill. We could see the benches at the bottom getting closer and closer and were praying we'd stop before them. Luckily we stopped just in time and as I got up, I turned around and looked at the ski slope, noticing a girl on a sledge rapidly heading in our direction. I was trying and failing to find the words to warn my brother who was just standing up when all of a sudden there was a big crash and she had gone under my brothers legs, taking him with her and the two had collided into the benches at the bottom. Needless to say he didn't go back on the sledge for the rest of the day (possibly the 
rest of the holiday) and was very annoyed at me for laughing.

Another favourite memory would also be Christmas every year in general; I have a lot of good memories from Christmas which just include spending quality time with my family and friends.

Love, Steph x

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