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 As I mentioned in my What I Got For Christmas Post, I went to Germany a couple of days after Christmas and didn't get back until the 5th January so I didn't get chance to upload my 2015 favourites in the new year. However, I still wanted to upload this post so I hope you'll enjoy reading it even though it's a bit late. I also found it quite difficult deciding which products to put in this post as there were so many things I loved in 2015, many of which featured in one monthly favourites post or another.

Beauty and Fashion:
Primark- In 2015, Primark quickly became one of my favourite stores and remained that way for the rest of the year. I've not had a problem with the quality of any of the things I've purchased and they've all been a very good price. I think my love for this store will continue for a long time, particularly as I head off to university and have to pay for a lot more with very little money.
L'Oreal False Lash Superstar Mascara- I have mentioned this mascara so many times over the year. The combination of the primer, the mascara and the wand makes lashes really stand out through volumising and lengthening them. I've found this a great mascara for a full yet slightly natural look with one coat or for a more dramatic, false lash effect by applying more coats and building them up.
L'Oreal Superstar Super Liner- I didn't try this product until October but since then, I have been obsessed with it. It is so easy to hold and guide accurately across the eyelid, it produces a bold, black line and can be used to create a thin, more subtle eye look or can be built up to create a more defined eye look, particularly great for cat eye flicks.
Maybelline Colour Show Velvet Lip Crayon- Again, I didn't buy these until October but I've loved using them since. As I've mentioned numerous times since then, they can be used simply as a lip liner or can easily be used to fill in all of the lips, they are easy to apply neatly, they are very long lasting even when eating and drinking and have a great colour payoff.
Maybelline Brow Satin Dark Blonde- This is another product that I've been raving about for many months and still love now. It's the product I always trust to fill in my brows as it's the right shade for my hair and skin colour, it can be built up to create either a subtle or a defined brow look and it's easy to use.
Revolution Eye Palettes- Towards the end of 2015, I tried a couple of eye palettes by Revolution and was very impressed by them. They were incredibly inexpensive but were still a good quality with a good amount of pigmentation.
Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Golden Sugar- Since buying this product in October, I have been using it most days. The matte bronze shade is useful for contouring and the shimmer blush and bronze shades create a lovely shimmery cheek look which helps to highlight your features. The palette again was very affordable and I personally found it an excellent quality.
Max Factor Face Finity 3 in 1- Of all the foundations I have tried and tested in 2015, this one was my clear favourite. As it is a 3 in 1 foundation, primer and concealer, it tends to stay in place longer than several others do, it's great for blending and the medium to high coverage makes it a great foundation for when you have more imperfections than normal.
Real Techniques- Before 2015, my brush collection was very limited but I finally got myself a couple of Real Techniques brushes and I was far more impressed than I ever expected to be. I now love the face brushes that I have and will probably purchase some new ones in 2016 as they are of a high quality and blend makeup very well.

Shawn Mendes- I mentioned Shawn Mendes 'Handwritten' album in my monthly favourites from February to May and whilst my obsession with it has decreased, I still love to go back to it every so often and still love each and every song as much as I did at the start of the year.
Meghan Trainor- You may have seen me mention 'Title' along with Shawn Mendes in my monthly favourites on and off from February to May and like with 'Handwritten', I still like to go back to it every so often. Like I've mentioned on here before I'm in two minds really when it comes to Meghan Trainor as I really enjoy listening to her songs and there are some lyrics that I really love but at the same time there are some lyrics that I really dislike and disagree with.
5 Seconds Of Summer- In 2015 my love for 5SOS grew massively and Sounds Good Feels Good is easily one of my top albums of the year. I like the direction their sound has gone in and find myself both loving the music and relating to the lyrics.
Little Mix- Like with 5SOS, my love for Little Mix grew massively in 2015. I've always enjoyed their music but I've never enjoyed it on this level before. I always admire the way they perform live and the fact that they can sing and dance so well together.

Velvetgh0st- 2015 was the year that Gabby rose to the top of my YouTube favourites (along with a couple of others) and I found myself really looking forward to her main channel videos and her vlogs. I love the way she isn't afraid to stand up to things she disagrees with and I fail to understand why she receives as much hate as she does over the littlest things.
Hobbie Stuart- I discovered Hobbie's videos last year and fell in love with both his voice and his personality. I particularly love watching videos of Hobbie and Gabby together as they're always hilarious to watch.
Sprinkle of Glitter- Although I've been watching Louise's videos since late 2012/early 2013, I enjoyed her videos so much more in 2015 and frequently looked forward to her uploads. I also really admire the things she does for others such as taking presents to the hospital near Christmas which both helps other people and teaches her daughter and her viewers the importance of helping others. Furthermore, I really enjoyed her book (review here) and I'm loving her 2016 diary so far.
Zoella- Once again, Zoe's videos have been some of my favourites to watch, both main channel and vlogs. Her infectious personality never fails to make me smile or laugh and her videos are often not only enjoyable but are also really useful.
IISuperWomanII- I haven't really been that interested in Lilly's videos until the latter part of the year when I binged watched so many of them and found myself thoroughly enjoying her videos and frequently laughing from start to finish. She has now become one of my top 5 YouTubers and I get really excited when I see that she has uploaded.

Pretty Little Liars- Of course this TV show is in my favourites, I've been enjoying watching it for a few years now and this year has been on a whole new level, particularly the mid season finale of season 6 whereby we discovered who A was. The series seemed to take a much darker turn in season 6 and the drama of it was intensified making it even more addictive.
90210- I thoroughly enjoyed watching all series of 90210 and although the characters and the repetitive story lines are extremely irritating at times, I still found the show very entertaining.
Eye Candy- I never expected to enjoy this TV show as much as I did but it was the only series I have been addicted to almost as much as PLL. It was incredibly intense and exciting to watch with elements of horror, drama, mystery and crime making it appealing to a number of people.
Scream Queens- I really loved watching this horror comedy series. The cast was incredible with a large number of big names which I thoroughly enjoyed watching. I also found some of the episodes particularly funny which helped grab my attention further.
22 Jump Street- This is one of the standout films of the year for me as I could not stop laughing through out. Whilst I enjoyed the first film, this film was especially great and I have rewatched it many times through out the year and still love it as much as when I first saw it.
Pitch Perfect 2- Another sequel that I enjoyed more than the first film; Pitch Perfect 2 is hilarious with incredible songs and a good plot.

I could go on talking about many other favourites I've had through out 2015 but I think I've rambled enough and although I probably haven't covered everything, I've covered the main stand out things. My highlights of 2015 and favourite moments post features some of my favourite memories of the year so if you are interested in reading about them then you can check them out here. Let me know what your favourite things were in 2015?

Thank you for reading this post, let me know what you thought in the comments and if you enjoyed it, why not subscribe to be notified when I upload a new post?

Love, Steph x

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