The Sibling Tag

As I'll be heading off to university later this year, I wanted to do tags like the Mum & Dad Tag that I uploaded the other day and today's Sibling Tag so that I have something else to look back on when I'm away from home (obviously I can phone and whatever but as an extra thing). I also enjoy doing tags with other people so I thought the family ones would be nice to do. Once again I've presented this like a transcript as I think that's the easiest to follow. I must admit, I did have a chuckle to myself when editing this as some of Rob's comments were very amusing- it took ages for me to get him to sit down and do the tag with me so he was a bit reluctant to answer properly at first.

I created a short video with pictures from our childhood which you can view below. The quality of the first half of the photos isn't great as I don't have digital copies of them which means I've had to make do with what I've got. I hope you enjoy seeing some of them, I know I'll be happy to have this to watch and rewatch.
1. Who is the oldest?
Steph: Me
Rob: Well God I suppose! (I then reminded him that it was the SIBLING tag) oh... you.
2. Do you have any nicknames for each other?
Steph: Robby, Robadob, Trebor
Rob: No, yes... Rhubarb and Custard, Stephalopalop, Stu
3. Describe each other in one word.
Rob: Stephanie
Steph: Difficult based on that response
4. What do you like and dislike about each other?
Rob: What do I like, erm... I don't know... I'll start with dislike, how you speak to me sometimes and how you react when you very kindly give me lifts places. I like when you're in a good mood and you want to do things with me like now.
Steph: When you ask for lifts all the time and put me out. When you don't listen to me. When you act selfish about things like you have the most important things to do.
5. Funniest memory?
Rob: Of us two?
Steph: That's kind of the idea
Rob: When you fell back, stood on some lego, fell onto the office chair, the office chair fell over and you fell onto the bed.
Steph: You're going to hate me for saying this but it's either the time when you hid around the corner at grandmas and then when our auntie opened the door she started counting as a joke and you ran round the corner but tripped on the step and slid down the wall- it left a nasty scar but it looked hilarious or it's when we went sledging in Slovenia and I got up off of the sledge at the bottom of the hill but after I turned around and you were starting to stand up, the other girl came down on a sledge and went straight under your legs sending you both into the bench at the bottom of the mountain. Looks like both of our funniest memories include the other person injuring themselves... oops!
6. Favourite inside joke?
Rob: That's quite specific. I'd say: Sevene.
Steph: I can't think of another one!
7. Most memorable argument?
Rob: The massive one we had coming back from the gym not that long ago.
Steph: The Lake District- I'm not sure what year that was- when I said you were just a plant in the school play so you threw all of my clothes out of the window and tried to rip Buffy (a cuddly toy)
8. What do you and your sibling do for fun?
Rob: Go on the trampoline, play cards... I annoy you for fun.
Steph: Yeah but that's only fun for you! Board games in general is another thing we do.
9. Most cherished memory?
Rob: When we were in France for the first time and we used to go to the sweet shop and get those temporary tattoos that came with one of the sweets.
Steph: Probably the little things like when we would create scenarios or games such as RT stuff when we spent hours creating 'art' and then trying to sell it to family members.
10. What do you and your sibling have in common?
Rob: We have mum and dad in common
11. Are you close?
Rob: Yes we are close
12. One thing you can do that your sibling can't?
Rob: Get on a stage in front of people. Act. You can cook, although it's not that I can't cook- bake.
Steph: That's true and you did food tech so you should be better at it than me in theory but you never cook! Makeup, quite an obvious one, ice skate or roller skate and drive.
13. Are you competitive with each other?
Rob: Not really. I'd say we are supportive.
Steph: In games yes, especially me but in general probably not.
14. Who is the most creative?
Rob: I don't know, it's quite a hard one to answer.
Steph: We are probably fairly similar but for different things. You're more creative regarding fictional things like in your acting whereas I'm more creative regarding other things like blogging, articles, scrapbooks and stuff.
15. What is the one dish you want mum to make you when you feel down?
Rob: Ribs or fish pie
Steph: Vegetarian lasagne

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Love, Steph x


  1. I'm kind of stalking your old posts Steph!! This one really did make me laugh out loud. Loved it! x

    1. I hope you've enjoyed reading the old ones :D I'm glad you found it entertaining. X


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