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I saw Severina upload an 'A-Z of Me' post on her blog almost two weeks ago and loved it, it was something I hadn't seen done before and thought it was a great idea which is why I decided to do this post for myself. I used a couple of the same headings as Severina did which wasn't intentional; as I was brainstorming I just found that a couple were the same but they seemed like the most suitable for that letter anyway which is why I didn't try to think of something else.

A is for Author
Whether it's the author of a blog post, an article or a novel, I love writing and hope to continue this passion in the future, hopefully as a job.
B is for Beauty
I love buying and trying various beauty products as suggested by my blog posts but natural beauty is another thing I feel passionate about, I want people to feel confident and happy in their own skin as I truly believe that everyone is beautiful but not everyone sees it.
C is for Culture
I find it interesting to learn about different cultures and languages. I'd love to be able to speak a variety of languages but at the moment just learning French is a challenge!
D is for Dresses
Dresses are one of my favourite types of clothing, any formality and any style. I love buying and wearing dresses and have a couple in my wardrobe that I am very excited to wear when there is a suitable occasion. For me, a casual dress and leggings is so much comfier and often makes me feel more confident than a top and jeans but I also love wearing a more formal dress for evening occasions.
E is for Equality
I feel very strongly about equality amongst people, in any area, as I don't see why so many lablels should be applied and should define how a person should be perceived or treated. Whatever gender, race, sexuality or anything else you identify as, I don't think it should play any role in how you are treated in your life.
F is for Family and Friends
Family and friends are some of the most important things to me, I don't know where I'd be without them!
G is for Gym
I never thought I'd hear myself say this but I actually enjoy going to the gym (most of the time) and like noticing a difference in my fitness and strength.
H is for Halloween
My birthday is very close to Halloween so I've had a lot of Halloween themed parties over the years and it's made me love the occasion.
I is for Independence
I like to consider myself quite independent, not in all areas of my life but when possible I like to control my own things and act as independently as I can. It's important to me to be my own person rather than relying on somebody else.
J is for Journalism
Like I mentioned in the author heading, I would love to go into some sort of work involving writing in the future and one of the main things I would like to go into is journalism, particularly print journalism but not ruling out other areas. I've done a couple of things related to this field but will be studying it at University in September which I am very much looking forward to.
K is for Karate
I used to do karate and got to one belt below black before the club folded due to a lack of numbers.
L is for Laughter
If you know me in person, it is highly likely that you will have seen me laughing on multiple occasions. I love to laugh and find myself doing it a lot more than is probably necessary but that's not necessarily a bad thing except when it makes me look like an absolute nutter; laughing to myself! I also cry with laughter a lot, particularly in warmer environments which people always joke about or think I'm crazy but I honestly believe I cry more with laughter when the room is warmer. I also have several different types of laughs. If you can make me laugh or we can have a laugh together, there is a high chance I'll get on well with you.
M is for Music
Music is a huge part of my life, I love so many different artists and several different styles and I couldn't imagine it not being a part of my life.
N is for Notebooks
Again linking to the writing element, I love notebooks- I have more than I need but it helps to keep things neat and separate (plus they look cute).
O is for Organised
I like being organised for pretty much anything and definitely feel more at ease when I know exactly what I'm doing or what to expect (at least to an extent). I also love lists which definitely helps me to be organised.
P is for Pets
I have three pets at the moment: a dog, a cat and a horse, and love them all. They each have their personalities and their presence (or more specifically cuddles) makes me very happy. Although they may not feel the same when I constantly bug them for a hug.
Q is for Quizzes
I love doing quizzes and if I have a chance at winning, I get pretty competitive, if I really don't know the answers or topic areas then it doesn't bother me but if it's something I know a fair bit about I get very competitive and then excited if I win. We do a family quiz at Christmas each year and I love to both make the quiz, when it's my turn, and take part in our team.
R is for Reading
I love to read, particularly fiction novels and blogs. I love burying my head in a book and becoming involved with both the plot and the characters.
S is for Shopaholic
I am a shopaholic: I love buying new things, particularly clothes or beauty products.
T is for TV Shows (& Movies)
I had to have a category for TV shows and Movies as there are so many that I love, they are a great source of entertainment and like with books, I like to temporarily immerse myself in another world.
U is for University
I felt this needed to be included in my A-Z as although I'm not at university yet, I am very excited to start that chapter of my life.
V is for Vegetarian
Quite self explanatory really: I'm a vegetarian. I became a piscetarian 8 years ago but become fully vegetarian (so basically I stopped eating fish) about 4 months ago.
W is for Watermelon
Of course W had to be for watermelon. It is my favourite food and if it wasn't so expensive or limited to certain times of the year, I would eats it 24/7.
X is for 'X'
X was a tricky one to think of so I went for the typical 'x' sign that I use to end messages as well as the end of my blog name and blog posts.
Y is for YouTube
If you don't know by now, I watch a lot of YouTubers and couldn't not include this platform in my A-Z.
Z is for Zodiac
I'm not sure whether or not I believe the astrology behind zodiac signs but I love to read about horoscopes and often relate to them (although I understand that they are rather generic when you properly consider them).

Thank you for reading this post, let me know what you thought in the comments and if you enjoyed it, why not subscribe to be notified when I upload a new post?

Love, Steph x

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