I was having a conversation about gossiping the other day and I don't think I articulated my thoughts very well so it inspired me to talk through them a bit more on here.

Before I start, I just want to make it clear that I don't think people should stop gossiping or bitching altogether, it's part of life. If something gets on your nerves, you are going to want to express those feelings and you might as well do it with someone you trust just to let you vent rather than bottling those emotions up or taking it out on someone/something else. Having said that, I don't see the point in bitching about someone or something for the sake of it when they have no impact on your life, especially if you barely know them. To me that's just a way of introducing negativity into your own life as well as the person you're discussing if they ever find out.

It's like YouTube, there's no point watching something or someone, not liking it and leaving a negative comment... there's no point. Unless it's constructive criticism it just causes unnecessary negativity when all you really need to do is click off and not involve yourself in the channel. It's the same in life, if you don't like what someone is saying and you have the opportunity for it to play no role in your life, take that opportunity and move on from it.

Whilst gossiping or bitching may seem pretty harmless, there is a line and it can go past the line without you realising. It can also have a negative effect on the victim in more ways that you may expect.

I hate when the media gossips about celebrities by creating rumors, exaggerating events or putting them down when their life plays no role in the person who created the story's life. I see gossiping about someone you don't really know or that has no role in your life seems like the same thing just on a smaller scale but equally as pointless and negative.

Personally I see it as a way of putting people down when we should be building people up and I don't see the point in it if it's not going to solve anything for anyone. I'm not saying I've never gossiped or anything, I'm pretty sure everybody has but if it doesn't need to affect me or my life there's no point in me getting hung up on it and wasting valuable time complaining about it when there are so many more important things to be concerned about.

It's only a small thing but by stopping the unnecessary negativity and doing more to help others or compliment others (or at least not negatively impact them), it can help decrease the amount of hate and spread the love instead which is vital in the world we currently live in.

I hope that all made sense, I tried to express my thoughts as best as I could but it was a bit all over the place. What are your thoughts on gossiping, just a bit of harmless fun or is it unnecessarily damaging?

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Love, Steph x

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