The last update on the blog, I mentioned that I would be uploading less over exam season and would aim for one post a week. However, I managed to surprise myself as I successfully kept up my two posts a week schedule all of exam season which I am very pleased about (I think I posted a couple a day late but that's still a lot better than I expected).

My exams are finally over and I am done with college. I am very happy to know that I never have to go back other than to get my results (eek!) but of course there are people I will miss (as well as those I can't wait to see the back of).

Arguably the biggest update: I started a YouTube channel which is both exciting and terrifying. It is going to be an extension of my blog, covering similar topics as well as more things that I feel I can't do as well on my blog such as in the form of collabs. I am also going to do quite a few uni related videos so that I can look back on my journey as well as keep family and friends updated whilst I'm away. Just to be clear, I am not turning to YouTube INSTEAD of blogging, I will still be uploading on here twice a week as well as uploading one video a week. If you have any video suggestions, I'd love to hear them but as for now, I hope you'll head over to my YouTube channel and show it some love :)

For the time being, I plan to keep my blog upload days as Tuesday and Friday and will be making my YouTube upload day a Wednesday. You can find my channel here and/or you can watch my first video: An Introduction below. I will be starting my Wednesday uploads tomorrow and would love it if you would subscribe to join me on my journey. I hope you'll enjoy watching my content and will find some of the videos useful.
I am still finding my feet with YouTube so I'm sorry if the quality isn't quite what you are used to and if the style (font, thumbnail etc) is a bit all over the place for a while, I'm currently experimenting and trying to discover what I want my videos to be like. I'm also trying to perfect the focus and the sound quality which do seem to have got better in the last video I edited, for next week, but it's still a working progress.

I hope you've enjoyed this little update. I'm very much looking forward to my Summer break and the opportunity to focus on the things I really want to do and enjoy doing. If you want to keep up to date with these things, you can follow my social media links. Thanks for reading.

Love, Steph x

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