My Bucket List

  1.  Swim with dolphins.
  2. Learn to Ski
  3. Learn to Snowboard
  4. Write a letter to someone who inspires me
  5. Write a book
  6. Go to Italy
  7. Go to London
  8. Go to Paris
  9. Visit the Eiffel tower
  10. Go to Rio 
  11. Go to Florida
  12. Go to University
  13. Meet Union J
  14. Create a photo album
  15. Make a scrapbook
  16. Learn to drive
  17. Have a ‘sweet 16’
  18. Ride in a limo
  19. See the Northern Lights
  20. Ride a snowmobile
  21. Learn to speak French fluently (more or less)
  22. Learn to play piano
  23. Sing Karaoke
  24. Learn to ballroom dance
  25. Swim with sharks
  26. Go rock climbing
  27. Do abseiling
  28. Go to Germany
  29. Make a box of chocolates
  30. Ride a zip wire
  31. Go to a festival
  32. Visit a famous waterfall
  33. Learn karate
  34. Learn to horse ride
  35. Learn to ice skate backwards
  36. Ride the Kraken at sea world (Orlando)
  37. Go to madam tuassards (London)
  38. Go to New York
  39. Visit Disney world
  40. Go to Hawaii
  41.  Learn to play chess
  42.  Plant a fruit tree
  43. Go to a theatre in London
  44. Discover my life’s main purpose and pursue it
  45. Become more confident
  46. Get an A in at least three of my GCSE’s
  47. Go to prom
  48. Make a difference to at least one person’s life
  49. Donate blood
  50. Volunteer at a charity or shelter
  51.  Mentor someone
  52. Create a blog
  53. Create a website/blog
  54. Have a pet
  55. Go on a safari
  56. Hold a koala bear
  57. Ride a camel
  58. Watch a parade
  59. Dance in the rain
  60. Have a food fight
  61. Build a snowman
  62. Have a water fight
  63. Have a Disney marathon
  64. Swim fully clothed
  65. Hit someone in the face with a cream pie
  66. Read a book in a hammock
  67. Do an all-nighter
  68. Sleep in my garden
  69. Watch the sunset
  70. Watch the sunrise
  71. Sleep until noon
  72. Play mini-golf
  73. Go to Africa
  74. Make a short movie with my friends
  75. Make a build-a-bear
  76. Watch a meteor shower
  77. Sleep in a box over night
  78. Go to a spa
  79. Have a tea party
  80. Go to a street party
  81. Ride a horse bare-back
  82. Do something people will remember me by
  83. Name a star after someone
  84. Stay in a tree house
  85. Wish on a falling star
  86. Go to the Summertime ball or Jinglebell ball
  87. Learn to play guitar
  88. Attend playlist, vidcon or another YouTube event
  89. Visit Brighton
  90. Play innuendo bingo
  91. Complete a colour obstacle run
  92. Visit the Seychelles
  93. Go to Iceland

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