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Today I have enlisted the help of my lovely Best Friend Georgina (George) to do the Best Friend Tag! As it's more difficult to do when it's on a blog post rather than a YouTube video, it took a bit of time deciding how to format it, but in the end we decided to set it out like a transcript style post with each of us having different colours so that you can easily see who said what. That way its more like a conversation and is more interactive than if I just wrote the answers in blocks. So without further ado, here is our Best Friend Tag...

When George is speaking/answering
When Steph is speaking/answering
When both of us are answering

1. How and when did you meet?
Year 3 in the same class. At the time, I was in a friendship group of 4 and the other three were put into a different class, I met George and she became part of the group and the other three met George's old best friend and she also became part of the group, so that we were then a group of 6 who remained close for years and are still friends now although nowhere near as close.
I can't remember that!
Glad to know it was memorable for you!

2. Describe each other in one word. (answer for each other)
George: Fantastico!
Steph: Amusing.

3. What's your dream job? (answer for each other)
George: A journalist that has a magazine on all things gossip and YouTubers and stuff
Mostly right but I wouldn't want a gossip magazine, although I would like a celeb based magazine with interviews and stuff like that, or an author or publisher... something in that field.

Steph: A veterinary nurse
In my current situation and with loving animals, I do love that job and would love that job but going on an actual DREAM job, if I could act well, I would love to be an actress cause it seems so much fun and it would give me a chance at being famous which I'm sure that's what everyone wants.

4. What is your favourite make up brand? (answer for each other)
George: Collection

Steph: Maybelline

5. What is something that annoys you about the other person? (answer for each other)
George: Probably that you have to clean your feet every time before bed, or that you are very indecisive

Steph: I think indecisive for you as well, which doesn't make things easy for us when we are together

7. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? (answer for each other)
George: Australia? I would like to go to Australia, mainly because I love the accent but all of the bugs put me off so it's not on my ultimate list. New York? No. I don't know what you would say... RIO? Yes! Or Italy.

Steph: I know you loved Mauritius but I don't know if that's where you'd go if you could go anywhere. Majorca? No; I do love it but I've been there many times. Italy? No. Paris? No. Hawaii? I do want to go to Hawaii but it's probably not the main one. Australia? No. America? No, I do want to got to California but that's not what it is... Come on we were talking about it yesterday! Were we?!? Oh yeah, I know it begins with M but I can't think. It's the Maldives! 

(Sorry as I'm editing this I've noticed that we forgot to do the why part! If you were wondering, mine is because I'd love to go to Rio and experience a carnival in particular. I don't know why I love the idea of going so much; I think I just fell in love with it when I watched the film 'Rio')

8. Favourite inside joke?
It won't make any sense to anyone else but it would probably be 'you put your name here!'

9. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
It changes but it's roughly the same.

10. Comedy, horror or chick flick? (answer for each other)
George: It's a tricky one. You have to be in the mood. We both know, we both love horror movies but sometimes you just want a laugh. But your favourite... I'd have to say chick flick because you love Pitch Perfect. Maybe a mix between a chick flick and a comedy, I don't know.
True, I do love chick flicks but I also love comedies, so a rom-com would be my ultimate choice if that was an option. I wouldn't say horror is my favourite genre but I do love watching horror films.

Steph: Again, it depends on your mood. You love horrors but we only really watch them together, where as comedies you can watch whenever. I think I'd go for comedy for you cause you love 21 Jump Street, 21 and over. Kick Ass. Yeah. But I wouldn't consider you a chick flick fan. Yeah, I have favourites across most genres but I'm not really bothered about chick flicks, they have to have something else as well. I do also love action films, like X-Men oh my god!

11. What's it like being friends with someone who's obsessed with YouTube?
George: I don't know. I mean, because we're not both crazy fans, it doesn't effect us as much, I suppose I should be glad that you don't make me watch these videos.

12. Heels or flats? (answer for each other)
George: For you I'd say flats, I don't care what you say, I'm answering for you cause with heels you'd be like 6ft 5 and I'd still be 5ft 5 so not you're not having heels.

Steph: I'd say on a daily basis flats but going out maybe small ish heels.
Yeah because I'd love to be able to wear big heels but they're painful and it would go horribly wrong, I'd just embarrass myself.

13. Trousers or dresses? (answer for each other)
George: Well I know you like dresses but you always wear dresses with leggings which are a kind of trouser so basically you always wear trousers... so trousers! Plus you can do a whole lot more in trousers.

Steph: I think you're a trousers fan. You don't really wear dresses unless you're going out somewhere really nice but you do wear skirts, which don't count in this question.
Yeah, I'm a skinny jean person all the way; that's basically all I wear, just in different colours.

14. Favourite animal? (answer for each other)
George: Dogs. Domestic animals because you have a cat, a dog and a horse and you've got to love them equally so I think you love them all.
I can never pick a favourite animal, I love too many.

Steph: I think I'd say horses but I'm not sure if that's your favourite animal, I just know you like horses. It could be a pug? 
Maybe it would be easier to say what I don't like. I don't really know what my favourite is though. I'd probably have to say a baby elephant because I want one; they're supposed to be one of the most caring animals around and they're just so cute; gentle giants.

15. What is something weird that you eat? (answer for each other)
George: You put salad cream with egg instead of mayo. It tastes weird. You forgot fish with gravy. Fish with gravy? Ewww.

Steph: Mash potato and ham. That's not weird! It has to be cold ham as well, you forgot that part and you forgot egg and tomato ketchup as well. Oh yeah! That's disgusting. It's not disgusting, it's nice, you can't knock it till you try it. Well, I can't try the ham, I don't like ketchup and I hate sauces/runny things (like egg) mixing colour, it freaks me out and makes me feel ill.

16. Do you have anything matching?
Some books are matching, we have the same photo in the same photo frame, we have the same pair of jeans but that's about it.

17. Who would win in an arm wrestle?
[At the same time.] ME! We have to try it then... Best of three! [We arm wrestle] Yay! 
For the record I (steph) won, we only played two as I won both, so it's me!

18. What do you think you would do without each other?
George: Probably have a party! Hey! I'm joking. I'd probably be very lonely as we don't have many other friends that we hang out with outside of college.

Steph: I have to agree.

19. Do you ever have moments where you say the same thing at the same time?
Yes. No we don't actually. I always say something and then you say you were thinking it or about to say it, so I always beat you to it. But we do say some things at the same time. Well yes we do but what I said before, happens most often.

20. Do you have any weird nicknames for each other?
You call me Stephanwa. That's true I do. Do I call you anything? I don't think so.

21. What's the funniest thing the other one has done in a public place? (answer for each other)
George: Maybe fallen up the stairs outside of English. I didn't realise you saw that! Yeah, I was behind you. Oh yeah. It's a good job there weren't many people... and you fell  UP the stairs, not many people fall UP the stairs.

Steph: For you I'd say the escalator incident which isn't very funny to explain, but yeah, probably that.

22. Who is the biggest diva?
George: You. Why am I the biggest diva? You wear really girly stuff, you screamed at the mole yesterday which made everyone else scared, you wouldn't go on holidays like camping- you like nice hotels.

Steph: Yeah but you're more stubborn. How am I? When we disagree on things. No, we're both as stubborn as each other. I am not the most diva-ish! See that's stubborn. You know what you like and don't like and you don't do the things that you don't like. So do you! It works both ways.

23. What television best friend couple would you compare yourself to?
I think Miranda and Stevie because I'm clumsy and likely to do the things Miranda would do and we bicker like they do. And you're very tall.

24. What's the weirdest memory you have together?
Weirdest memory, probably the other day with the mole cause you don't always have a mole in your house and we had to save it. Plus you started screaming your head off so it got scared.

25. Would you rather never see or speak to each other again or marry each other?
Marry and then not live together... and be in an open marriage.

This was a really fun tag to do, although it was definitely a lot more challenging than if it was in the form of a video but hopefully this was easy-ish and entertaining for you to read.

I hope you have a great week! Thank you for reading,

Love, Steph x

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